The moments reached the top from Naples and Milan

At Joyce Stadium, the Nerazzurri took the lead with Demiral, but Valerie equalized the result by taking advantage of Musso’s mistake.

Atalanta slows down its pace, but does not give up the top. On the sixth day of the first division Gasperini’s team doesn’t beat 1-1 with Cremonese so you Arrival from Milan and Naples in the first place at 14 points. A tough and balanced match at Joyce Stadium. In the first half, grigiorossi was locked in the cage of the Nerazzurri maneuver and interventions they are working e Musu They keep the score in balance. In the second half, the speed drops and the goals arrive. Demiral (74′) unlocks the lead game, but Valerie (79 ‘) immediately equalize the accounts by taking advantage of an error rejected by Musu.

the match
Atalanta is still on top, but he chews bitter. Against the powerful and well-organised Cremonese, Gasperini’s team leaves the field with some deep regret at the end of a very complex match. Scoreboard in hand, goals are one on each side, but the impression is that the goddess wasted a valuable opportunity to stay on top alone. Especially for how the game went. After the first half in a trot and with the game stifled by Cremonese’s fighting stance, Gasperini’s team was actually arriving very shallowly shortly after opening the race with Demiral. This Nerazzurri position costs two points in the account and gives a well-deserved point for Gregorosi, authors of a personality test that must continue to build and invest in order to seek salvation.

Still without Zapata, against Cremonese Gasperini, he put Morel in attack, Malinowski and Lookman in the pits with Hatebor and Sobe outside and tandem de Rhône-Kopminers in the control room. Instead, Alvini emphasized Okereke-Dessers up front and replaced Zanimacchia with Meitè to give more solidity and balance in the middle. At a good pace, the two teams openly face each other and the start of the match will immediately be full of duels in every area of ​​the field. Tall and aggressive, Atalanta pushes and tries to quickly turn into Muriel’s vertical position. More compact and numerous in the middle of the field, Cremo instead focuses on dribbling to gain meters and attacking by Okoli and Hateboer. On the one hand, Radu neutralizes Muriel’s poisonous right foot, and on the other hand, Toloi blocks Dessers’ attempt and Musso repels Escalante’s fireball. Q&A keeps the pace high and ignites the race.

Tightly scored by the Chiriches across the board, Muriel struggles to work emphatically with his back to goal. So it is up to Malinowski to raise his scope of activity behind Meitè. A tactical theme that moves the game slowly on the arcade and increases the pressure of the Nerazzurri in one-on-one confrontation and in replays. Radu flies to the exact left by the Koopmeiners of the ledge, then also rejects Soppy’s bounce. Double interference keeps the match balanced and leaves the red and gray plans unchanged. With more men in the middle, Cremonese held the field well and once you could count on tips to pick up outside players and aim for Musso. Loaded and ready to support the maneuver, Cernicola tries to develop a corner kick, but his attempt ends up wide. The same result for Morel and Lockman, who at the end of the first half tried from the edge without finding the door from a good position.

The second half opens with different measurement errors on both sides in the supports. Inaccuracies that make the game more confusing, chaotic and fragmented. Soppy drops in the area, but Colombo leaves her. Gasperini then tries to make changes in the race: outside Malinowski and Morell, and inside Ederson and Hoglund. Substitutes Alvini replies by removing Escalante, letting Zanimacchia in and lowering Pickel into the medium. Movements that give more physique to the goddess in the foreground and more cleanliness to the cremones on the trocar. The Koopmeiners scored from a free kick, but Colombo ruled it all out with the help of Var’s touch from Okoli’s hand. The right decision that leads to the last half hour of the race. More aggressive, the goddess raises the center of gravity. Slightly on the legs, Cremonese steps back instead to protect the score. The position that gives Gasperini’s team the playing field and fuels the match. Taken from a toxic free kick by the Kopminiers, Demiral beat Radu with a header in collusion with a slight deviation from Toloi, but the Nerazzurri’s advantage lasted only five minutes. Indeed, at 79′ Valerie is contemplating equalizing the score after a foul interference from Musso with a shot from Ascaybar from the edge. One – two represents the race and the end result. Despite affecting recovery, in fact, the goddess is no longer able to hit the target and the race ends with a parade by Radu on Okoli. Atalanta and Cremonese share the bets. For Gasperini a bitter point, for Alvini a very heavy and well deserved point in the leader’s house.

report cards
Morel 5:
Chiriches is on top of his head and follows him everywhere, leaving him little room to aim on target and making a difference to the quality of his strait plays. Less explosive and lethal than usual in conclusions
Lukman-Malinovsky 5: They move a little behind Morel and Cremonese manages to keep them at bay without risk. Very light in duels and never dangerous in straits and one on one
Demiral 6.5: Makes a door with Dessers without pulling the leg back even though it never gets to 100%. Open the race with a head, but it’s not enough to get the three points back
Musso 5: In the first half a good intervention, but in the second half everything was wrong with a shot from the edge of Ascaibar and Cremonese equalized. An error that weighs on the result
Radu 6.5: In the first half, Cremo kept afloat with at least three crucial interventions. Demirala’s goal is not perfect, but the header is close and there is also a slight deflection that changes the course of the ball
Churches 7: Suffocating marks on Morel. He follows him everywhere, often finds progress and fights for every ball with a lot of physical strength and competitiveness. Rocky and delicate even on Hojlund
Church Desirs 6: They are busy on the entire offensive front, keeping the Nerazzurri’s rearguard always busy. The former engages in a high-speed duel with Okoli, and the latter a physical fight with Demiral

Atalanta Cremonese 1-1
Atalanta (3-4-2-1):
female 5; Okoli 5.5, Demiral 6.5, Tolui 6; Hateboer 5.5 (41′ st Zortea sv), De Roon 6, Koopmeiners 6.5, Soppy 5.5 (41′ st Maehle sv); Malinovskyi 5 (11’st Ederson 6), Lookman 5 (32’st Pasalic sv); Morel 5 (11′ Hoglund 6th).
dis: Rossi, Sportiello, Boga, Ruggeri, Scalvini. everybody.: Gasperini 5.5
Cremonese (3-5-2): Rado 6.5; Aiwu 6.5, Chiriches 7, Lochoshvili 5.5; Sernicola 6 (38′ st Hendry sv), Meite 6, Escalante 6.5 (15′ st Zanimacchia 5.5), Pickel 5.5 (23′ st Ascacibar 6), Valeri 6.5; Cakes 6 (23′ st Afena-Gyan 5.5), desserts 6 (38′ st Ciofani sv).
dis: Saro, Cizkovsky, Vasquez, Baez, Bonaitoto, Castagnetti, Acella, Qualiata, Milanese, Tsagot. everybody.: Alvini 6,5
Rule: Colombo
Signs: 29′ Demiral St. (A), 34′ Valerie (C)
ammonites: Okoli, Tolui, Demiral (A); Sernicola, Lochoshvili, Pickel, Afena-Gyan (C)

• Atalanta has scored 14 points so far in the league. In the first six Serie A matches of the season, he has never performed better.
• Atalanta has conceded only three goals in the league so far, and has not performed better in its first six matches in the Italian league this season.
• Merih Demiral did not score any goal in 21 Serie A matches, and the last goal was coming on December 4, 2021 against Napoli.
• With four goals and an assist, Teun Koopmeiners scored five goals in this league, already equaling Serie A last season.
• Emmanuel Valeri scored his first goal in the Italian league, with his third shot in the competition.
• In this tournament, no team has sent different defenders to the net than Cremonese, three: Bianchetti, Cernicola, Valeri.
• Atalanta is the only team that has not conceded any goal in the first half this season, and none of them scored less than Cremonese in the same period (one).
• After he scored the goal in the first half in three of his first four matches in the league, Atalanta lost the last two matches.