The Most “Potential” Runners (And Some Don’t Go Slow)

Come on…Eponic Dan
Born in 1972, 50 years old, Guamani is from the island of Guam, Micronesia, which is filled with the Pacific Ocean.
Guam is so dependent on the United States (albeit not part of it) that the residents have American citizenship, but are politically and administratively independent.

Aponik runs the Guam Continental formation EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling Team Which includes in its ranks six athletes over the age of 40. Behind this team is former Australian professional David Mackenzie, who won the Linda McCartney jersey in the seventh stage of the 2000 Giro d’Italia.
In the Tour of Guadeloupe, Dunn’s teammate, Stephen Bennett, won the tenth and final stage.

Aponik (pictured below) will be racing in the Elite Men trial.
Do you want his postcard (open)? Pay 2 euros and 42 cents Even if I were to go straight to the shirt. Idol.

Dan Khalid who will tackle the time trial with his teammate Edward Oingrange (EuroCyclingTrips Pro cycling team), the 21-year-old.
There will also be a Blayde Bla (EuroCyclingTrips Pro cycling team) in the U-23 road race.

Come on…Christopher Jr. Daryl
32 years old, T-shirt, British Virgin Islands. 56th place in the World Time Experience Innsbruck 2018: The last, at 28’41” from Rohan Dennis. Any dish of pasta cooked and eaten.
Despite the international stage and world championship experience, last June 25 Daryl finished second in the National Time Trial which was defeated by Philip LeRoy. He made up for it with interest: He won the online test.

He runs for the French continental team Nice Metropole Côte d’Azur.
In Wollongong 2022 to experience the elite time. One goal: to improve even if we already like it that way. Christopher Jr. Daryl: First… starting at the bottom.

Come on… Dehghan Mandana
31, Iranian Test Champion 2021 and 2022.
He runs in Europe, in Spain to be exact. Wear team fin bike colors.
In 2017, she was the first Iranian cyclist to sign for a foreign teamThoroughbred cycling team, All’epoca UCI Women’s Team.

Come…Erdenibat Bilgonjargal
25 years old from Mongolia. He runs the Continental Ferei Mongolia development team.
He has never competed outside of Asia, although in 2019 the team obtained a Ukrainian license.
Try to pronounce his name. Meanwhile, riders like Bilguunjargal are growing, scoring (and UCI points) and trying to make up their mind.

Interesting Erdenebat Bilguunjargal, like all his comrades. It really makes you travel only to know where it’s coming from: who knows what it’s like to ride there…
He will take part in an elite time trial and road race with Sainbayar Jambaljamts, 26, who competed in last year’s world championship in road racing also dressed as a first-hour fugitive. This season the Jambaljamts participated in the Tour of Hellas where he finished 41st overall and had several places and some victories in the UCI 1.2 races. and 2.2.
not bad…

I came… Islam Raquebol
30 years old from Bangladesh. She graduated in Pharmacy with a Postgraduate Degree in Biotechnology from South Asian University, New Delhi. Cycling, doathlons and triathlons for the sake of passion because in daily life Raquepool is a pharmacist in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
As of December 10, 2021, his name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records: he traveled 1,670,334 kilometers in 48 hours with three other Bengali cyclists.
She is one of my guides (Sports Performance and Leadership System) A reality that deals with the dissemination of sports culture and well-being through sports.
He has already won.

K Come… Kagimu Charles
24 years old from Uganda. He runs for the South African Continental Pro Touch, one of those squads that has rolled up their sleeves with the goal of raising the bar in Africa and bringing youth to the international stage.
Along with Kajimo also Paul Dumont from Burkina Faso and six athletes from Rwanda, the country that will host the World Championships in 2025: in Africa for the first time in history.
Kagimu is not a winner: he’s the forward-moving cycling icon. Luckily.
For him an elite time trial.

U come… Ullah Najebullah
Batch 92, 30 years old from Pakistan.
Najibullah is already in the history of cycling. since three years.
On June 30, 2019, it won three out of four stages and the overall rating for the second edition of Tour de Khungrab With access to the Khunjrab Pass, the pass that marks the border between Pakistan and China. 4,693 meters high… Impossible Tour.
At the beginning of the elite time experience.

S is like… a mixed sequence
With the teams of New Caledonia, Samoa and Tahiti .. Allie! Beer! Beer!

V like…the Vatican
For the first time in history, Vatican City participates one of its athletes in an official UCI competition. CT is Valerio Agnoli who also deals with foreign relations.
On September 24, 2021, the Papal State was recognized by the highest cycling government as its 200th member state.
The Athletic Vaticana Federation is the first sports federation that today includes, in addition to cycling, athletes registered in padel (more than a hundred), taekwondo (12), cricket and athletics (80). There is also the Paralympic Games sector where basketball and fencing are decided.

The cyclist who will be participating in the men’s elite road race is Ryan Schorhoes, a native of the Papal State. Dutch by birth to the point that last year he competed in the national time trial championship: 40th place.
In 2015 he won the 25th edition of the Tour Tahiti Nui.

picture: Actuary

On May 2, 2019, the Australian Consulate General in New Caledonia granted him Australian citizenship: he is the husband of Vice-Consul Chiara Burrow.

Chiara Burrow, who became Australia’s ambassador to the Holy See.
World Cup, in Australia.
The ways of the Lord…
Nationality of one and three.

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