The political derby does not end today

It won’t be remembered as a joyful relaxation meal, but no one wants to be violated protocol UEFA Which stipulates that the directors interact on the day of the match. Andrew lambs He traveled with the team, so he’s been in Paris since last night, so he’ll be with him today at lunchtime Nasser Al-Khelaifi, CEO of Paris Saint-Germain and also of ECA, the European Club Association, but above all Alexandre’s biggest and most loyal ally. severinUEFA’s number one, Agnelli’s archenemy after the Premier League affair.

Al-Khelaifi He was the first to go to the rescue severin In April 2021, in those hectic days, he quickly gained strength and political influence. It’s been since then proud supporter, cheerleader, supporter From the current UEFA model, which has always incurred massive market expenses, from 200 million to Neymar onwards, which has broken any balance. subordinate close relations From severin e Al-Khelaifi The The New York Times , Stressing the lack of transparency of disciplinary procedures regarding the assault on the referee by Parisian executives (including Al-Khelaifi) after the match against Real Madrid. Both the president and general manager Leonardoin fact, they fell into the match manager’s office (also breaking the assistant flag), but only Leonardo (he is no longer at PSG this summer) were punished, while Al-Khelaifi essentially disappeared from disciplinary action.
lambsIn short, not only would he surely have preferred another opponent this evening, but perhaps another dinner this morning as well.

Nobody expects a Lawsuit between the two. It’s also hard to assume that they started talking about her Premier League. Even if yesterday, for the thousandth time, it was done by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the man who contends with Ceferin for the record of referring to the same Premier League in his speeches (Agnelli and Florentino Pérez have talked about it a lot in the last twelve months). “My colleagues and I have always been against SuperLega to protect medium and small businesses. I don’t forget where we came from in 2011, and we stand for the idea that everyone dreams of playing in the Champions League and that the middle or junior clubs today can become great clubs in the future,” he explained to Football Talks. Indeed, if any club is bought by a sovereign fund with unlimited spending potential, it tends to become large. Then he added: “The new champions (from 2024) will have 40 teams and therefore there will be more places for middleweight clubs.” And closed with a stab in Barcelona (the club that together Juventus e Real Madrid Still in the SuperLeague project: “There are clubs with big debts and this is the big risk: those who leave their debts and leave the clubs because others solve the problem. Debt is the biggest danger, we must have rules that protect clubs from potential disaster. Clubs with 1.8 billion debts are worrying and unhealthy situations.”
Indeed, the situation of European football is not sailing in excellent waters financially, with the exception of English clubs (and Paris Saint-Germain of course). The danger is that the gap between the PM and the other leagues will widen further with the new Financial Fair Play.

They will talk about this day in lunch? Who knows, it might be. He will definitely talk about it european court of justice That in the next four months he could fundamentally change European football, dismantling the current UEFA system. Or he can leave it as is, considering monopoly From neon is useful for movement. Whatever the outcome, the a challenge From lambs e Al-Khelaifi o, the best of the two models they represent, will not be played tonight on the field, but in mid-December in Luxembourg. Today the result will be just a strange result Crossroads of the lottery. And the Champions League lunch is less formal and fun than others.

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