The rugby game between Italy and South Africa will be on November 19 in Genoa, Pulissian Day

Genova. On November 19th, the big game of rugby returns to Genoa. A match between Italy and South Africa is scheduled to take place at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium, and it will be a special match in which the president of the Italian rugby union, Marzio Innocenti, will announce in the city to meet with Mayor Marco Pucci: “It will be Marco Bolsan dayA celebration a little over a year after his death. Covid prevented us, and Genoa’s chance is the right one.”

Marco Bolsan, who was born in Chioggia, but grew up and lived in Genoa, was the most famous figure in the sport, the legend. The player who made the determination and sacrifice of science, then coach, but also exceptional communication, the first rugby player in the path of fame for Italian sport.
Soon details of a day that will see many side events, including a match between a selection of the best Italian emerging players and players from or who have played in Liguria, called i Torpedoes and the founders of rugby: University of Cambridge. “The idea is to have a chance to play at Carlini,” hopes the former Genoa player Marco Rivaro, the only Italian to wear Cambridge Light Blue in 2000 and 2001. The plant will be renovated next year and the signing of the concession is expected to be able to fill it in every sector. Mayor Bucci promised to work on it, with whatever was available.
Born in Genoa in the 1990s at the initiative of a group of young players from Cus Genova and Pro Recco, Torpedoes have raged and become legendary by winning summer games and tournaments across the country.

It is also scheduled a Gathering ancient gloriesWhich will work in a triangle on Saturday morning.

Marzio Innocenti

Big Match tickets, which are part of the Autumn Nations Series (with Italy and Samoa on November 5 in Padua, Italy and Australia on November 12 in Florence), It is on sale on Ticketone and costs between ten and forty euros.
“Our goal is to fill the field – confirms Innocenti, who walked as a player in Ferrari’s park in 1986 against the Soviet Union – A boisterous crowd will be our additional weapon, Not adverb words: The player is able to give more thanks for encouraging people. I really envy football for the emotion of the fans.”

I Ferrariaccording to the Federal President, it perfectly lends itself to its English squad to make the audience feel warm.

also a chance to Attract new enthusiasts: “These are not visible, but essential aspects – emphasizes the head of Vir Liguria Enrico Mantovani The enthusiasm of the moment is important to start a journey for parents and children. It also happened thanks to being in the Ravano tournament.”
Despite the many defeats around the national rugby team, there is a lot of interest and a win in Cardiff in the Six Nations Championship this year, with a very young team, which Innocenti considers the start of a cycle: “I have a lot of faith in this. Also in the U-20 guys they have won many From the matches recently they beat England twice. The important thing is that they give 100% and more. You can also lose, but the important thing is how to impress the audience.”