TMW Exclusive – Santon: “My body has said enough: I have to stop playing”


Vitality arrived David Santon There is awareness. Bitter awareness of existence, doubts about the future but steady feet on the ground, after everything collapsed. “I’m forced to stop playing. Not because I didn’t get offers, not for anything else, but because my body, with so many injuries in the past, can’t take it anymore.” It was said in an exclusive long interview by The honest clarity of a thirty-one-year-old man. “I have to do it. I don’t want to, but I have to,” while chatting is a centrifuge of memories, emotions, regret, and conscience.

At the age of thirty he says enough is enough. consciously.
“The first year I was eliminated from the team, I had one checkup after another but there was nothing to do: the only thing was to risk getting prosthetics. I can still walk on my legs but to do the pro is a player who needs something else.”

Awareness and clarity. Even those whose knees are fragile.
“I have my left knee where I didn’t have surgery but it’s gone. It keeps me from so many things…Then there’s the famous right knee: I’ve had the operation three times. The cartilage, it removed all the outer meniscus but as soon as I put in the minimum effort it swells up. And it no longer bends. All my flexor injuries automatically start from there. In Serie A you have to push, the right knee doesn’t bend, I strained the left leg and the flexor is… Gone. Every little bit there is always an effort to stretch, to stay still. You You play in the race, and you stay out of the five.”

His choice is a mature choice.
“If I have to play with fear, I don’t. And I’ve been playing with fear for years, but I’ve adapted and worked and carried on. But you never play calm, you’re always afraid: do your homework.. I started playing because I had fun and in the last few years it’s been Painfully. I said if I had to go on, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. However, there were some offers…”.

He received deep criticism in Rome, from those who did not know his status.
“They told me ‘You steal money in Rome.’ Imagine: with the club we were fine to say goodbye, the point is that I could not pass the medical examinations elsewhere.”

So he decided. How does she feel?
“I struggled the first few months. I had time to think about it. When I was out of the team in Rome, I went through a period where I struggled: I didn’t expect this career to end. I wanted to play, have fun, unfortunately I had it all right away and went climbing.” But you have to accept: I have thought a lot, I have a family, two girls, and now I dedicate myself to that and then I will see if I stay in football or in another area.”

Have you thought about it?
“A footballer’s life lasts … fifteen years? Some finish first, and some later. You have to think carefully afterwards, study, understand. You reach a point where you find yourself empty, because you live that life for many years, retreats, matches and trainings. I left home when I was 14. College, sacrifices, the habit was to walk away, then one morning you wake up and you don’t have to go to training anymore. I struggled at first but I got used to it and now I’m starting to think about the future: I didn’t plan for the end of my career, all that It came suddenly.”

What is the best time?
“The first period at Inter, when we won everything. I had layoffs and injuries, but it was great: I was so young and didn’t realize we were making history. We only lost the European Super Cup, it was the best moment… I was with extraordinary champions in a room dressing up.”

He lived a turbulent and important but unfortunate and traumatic career.
“However, I had many joys and also lived an extraordinarily peaceful period. In Newcastle: I went there I almost didn’t want to but once I got there I didn’t want to go back. I came back but to England I had a great time. The environment from Around you, to play, she is the best ever. Every time I go to England, when I can, I go to the stadium to see her: Toon’s army is great, When we played there it was extraordinarily quiet. No turning back, When we were playing at home: Lunch was optional, And the meeting on the field was at 1.15pm for the match at 3.00pm… It was the environment that gave me peace of mind and it was the period in which I was physically better in. Not 100%, unfortunately from the first injury in under 21 at the age of eighteen, I wasn’t Never at the top, but I adapted and had continuity. Three years in grade 34-35 showing up every year as a start without injuries.”

She has an endless list of great technicians who have led her. Do you remember almost all of them?
“Mourinho, Benitez, Leonardo, Gasperini, Mancini, Conte who called me up for the national team, Pioli, Spalletti, Pardeo, De Boer, Fonseca, Di Francesco, Ranieri … without forgetting those early years in the youth sector at Inter, cleared”

Here too: Tech’s best and most relaxing moment?
“With Mourinho, I lived the most wonderful period but I don’t put it among the quietest: I was young, there was a lot of pressure in the environment. When you have to win, it’s true. Because of the physical problems, it was not a period of great serenity unlike what happened with Pardew first and then Carver afterwards. We played the Champions League last time, Spurs passed, but there wasn’t much pressure, the environment was extraordinary.”

Do you have any regrets, Santon?
“When I hit the 18-year-old, I was injured because they came in for me. I felt like my knee was broken, I hurt: at the end of the first half I went into the locker room, I felt bad the second coach told me ‘we need you, wait’ and I decided not to give up I played the whole second half with a broken knee and I broke it. From a break it became a fracture. And instead of stopping, listening to the body, I decided to go.”

At that age you “pay it all in inflation, what they call maturity”
“At eighteen you want to prove you’re hungry, you want. I felt bad, they gave me an anti-inflammatory and I went to the field. But then I couldn’t walk anymore…”.

Now she will have to do it in another dress. He said earlier that he still had no clear ideas.
“I don’t know. Football has become a world where there is no love that I grew up with. Moratti was as president, he was like a father, he showed affection to the players. Now it’s business, they use you, they downloaded you and took another one. I don’t know if it still belongs to me or not.” …The thing I would like to do is training in the youth sector or … I should think about it. But I don’t know if you will continue in this world or not, maybe even a commentator. You must have the motivation inside, you must be You have the right spark in what you do and there I will decide what I will do, with love and desire.”