Torino Lecce 1-0: Match Report –

Torino Lecce, live match from round 5 of Serie A 22/23: official line-ups, pre-match, score and scoreboard

Torino is struggling with the fifth round of the tournament. The grenades come from the first knockout of the season in Atalanta, after which they are on a par with Lazio and the two beat Monza and Cremonese. In front of the bombshell, another newly promoted for a confrontation in this first round: Lecce Marco Baroni, fresh from 1-1 in Naples and looking for his first success since returning to the first division. Juric will have to dispense with Berisha, Miranchuk and Singo while Baroni will have to live with the absence of Gabriel Streviza in particular. Follow Torino-Lecce on

Torino Lecce 1-0: Match Report

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Scarcely: pt 40 ′ Vlasic (T)

ammonite: 8′ Ilkhan Street, Hjulmand, 11′ Schuurs

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Schuurs (st 18′ Buongiorno), Rodriguez; Lazaro (36th Street, Aina), Lukić, Ilkhan (18th Street, Linate), Vojvoda; Vlasic, Radungić; Pellegri (36th Sanabria Street). Available: Fiorenza, Gemello, Bayeye, Zima, Adopo, Seck, Aina, Garbett Coach: Barrow.

Lychee (4-3-3): Falcon. Gendry, Toya; Baciruto, Dick; Gonzalez (39th Street, Askelsen), Wellman, Bystrovich (28th Street, Rodriguez); Di Francesco (1st Street, Odin), Sesay (20th Street, Colombo), Banda (28th Street, Listkovsky). AvailableBleef, Samuga, Pungrasic, Helgason, Blaine, Limnes, Umtiti, Pizzella Coach: Barons.

Rule: Volpi di Arezzo (Association of Vecchi and Massara; IV man Feliciani, Var Mazzoleni; Avar Liberti)

Torino Lecce: direct

49′ it’s over

48′ penalty from thirty meters, Milinkovic-Savic still goes out without hesitation

46 Bongiorno’s dive puts it in the corner. In the corner, Milinkovic-Savic comes out with a high fist and makes it his own

45′ Lecce tries a free kick from the right trocar, Buongiorno heads up and wipes the area

40 What a Vovovoda opportunity!!!!!! On the edge of the small area he fails to get past Falcone, who takes it by the foot

39′ Replace Lecce: Outside Gonzalez, Inside Askildsen

38 Falcon comes out with his fists and anticipates the Snapper

36 Turin substitution: outside Lazaro, inside Aena. Outside also Pilgri, inside the sanabria

34 ‘Lazzaro’s left move, cuts the ball in but the ball crosses the entire area without Pellegri being able to interfere

30 ‘Fault on Radonjic, Punishment for the Bomb from the Trolley

28′ Lecce Replacement: Inside Rodriguez, Outside Pestrovic

27′ Cooling Break

26 ′ 2-0 Pellegri goal was canceled: the referee whistled for whoever saw him a little ahead, the attacker’s screams choked in the throat.

24 Rodriguez cross to catch Pellegri, the defender’s idea is good but the ball is a little long

22 Choirs Against President Cairo Coming From Marathon

20′ double replacement for Lecce: Ceesay exits and Colombo entry. Outside also Panda, in Listkowski

19′ double replacement for TURIN: Ilkhan, Linetty inside, Schuurs outside also inside Buongiorno

18′ again a panda on the left wing doing whatever he wants: acceleration and cross but fortunately no one from Toro and Rodriguez can walk away

15 The conclusion of Lazaro! The outside does not frame the door

14 ′ Vojvoda cross to catch Pellegri, accurate defense of Lecce

12′ Milinkovic-Savic takes a ball he didn’t immediately baptize as innocuous, thanks to Schurz’s aberration

11′ Acceptance to Schuurs

8′ also accepting Hjulmand, on penalty developments that Lecce practically hit from the sidelines mid-field

8 ‘ Acceptance of the Khan

6, Lychee on the left starts again very quickly with Panda introduces Sesai. The attacker practically reaches the bottom and tries to send Oudin, intercepting Rodriguez and putting in a corner

4′ Another foul, this time from Lukic on Gonzalez: a free kick from thirty metres. The free kick bounced off the barrier, then the free bomb defense

3′ Ilkhan interrupts Lecce’s midfield action: Punishment for Salento

1, the game has been restarted

Alternative in Lecce: On Oudin Square, outside Di Francesco

the other half

47′ The first half is over. Torino Lecce 1-0

45 ‘Two minutes of recovery

43 The game will resume

42′ The match is now stopped due to Di Francesco’s injury

40 ′ goal: Vojvoda’s superb ball that sees Vlasic cut in the area, the Croatian kicks diagonally with the left flank and beats Falcone.

say 40

39′ Chance for Toru: Radonjic receives the ball on the right, focuses and goes for the score that finishes high on the breath

36 ′ Lukic kicks the ball at the end time from the edge and awards the ball to Lecce

34′ cross by Lazaro, Bashirotto is good at expecting Vlasic

33′ Another good post by Schuurs previously on Ceesay

30′ applause from all over the field for Schurz, the great recovering sprinter on Panda who was flying towards Milinkovic-Savic’s goal.

28 chance for lychee. From the corner, Toya’s header, a good reaction from Milinkovic-Savic who refused

26′ Lazaro earns bottom and cross passes from the right, Vojvoda fails to hit well with his header and ends up with a docile ball in Falcon’s arms.

24 ‘Panda with his speed and style created many problems for the Turin defence

20′ Excellent defensive tackle from Shores

17′ Great control of the fly by Pellegri who was stopped at the time of conclusion

16′ Lecce again: Panda focuses from the left, Djidji jumps and kicks off the edge but Milinkovic-Savic is careful and blocks the ground

14′ Bystrovic cross in the middle, Milinkovic-Savic vehemently rejects Hjolmand and then hits hard

13 ‘Sesai wins a free kick for Lecce from the left corner of the penalty area

12′ Another conclusion for Ilkhan but the Turkish epilogue this time ends too loud

9′ Chance for Toro: Lazaro’s heel puts Pellegri in front of goal, the physical striker resists the defender’s return and then kicks but Falcon makes a great save

6′ Rodriguez tries the deep throw for Pellegri but hits the ball poorly and ends with a side foul

4′ first match shot from Ilkhan: Right from thirty meters Falcone cut twice.

1′ started. Lecce’s first ball.

Turin Lecce, Pre-match

ore 20.30.00 The teams returned to the locker room. The game will start shortly.

Ore 20.20 Good attendance on the field, Marathon’s curve is almost completely full. Many spectators are also in other sectors.

Raw 20.08.2018 Action players from both teams warmed up and applauded from the Marathona Grenade Curve.

Raw 20.00.00 Goalkeepers from both teams entered the field to warm up.

ore 19.45.007 Turin-Lecce Official Lineups Announced: Ilkhan Debuts As A Grenade Apprentice

Raw 19.15 The coaches of the two teams arrived at the Grand Torino Olympic Stadium.

Raw 19.00.00 There will be no Ivan Gurek On the bench in Turin tonight for health reasons, the coach has been replaced by his deputy, Barrow.

Raw 18.45.007 We still have two hours until the start of the Turin Lecce match. Both teams will reach the field in about half an hour, then after the usual poll the yellow and red players will take to the field to warm up. Overcast skies over Turin but temperatures are nice: at the moment there are about 25 degrees.

Turin Lecce, official line-ups

Here are the officers:

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Shores, Rodriguez; Lazaro, Ilkhan, Lukic, Vojvoda; Vlasic, Radungić; Pellegri. Available: Fiorenza, Gemello, Bayeye, Buongiorno, Zima, Sanabria, Adopo, Seck, Aina, Garbett, Linetty. Coach: Barrow.
Lychee (4-3-3): Falcon. Gendry, Toya, Baciruto, Gallo; Gonzalez, Hjulmand, Bystrovich; Di Francesco, Sesay, Banda. AvailablePlev, Samuga, Bongrasic, Askelsen, Colombo, Helgason, Listkowski, Odin, Blaine, Limens, Umtiti, Bezilla, Rodriguez. Coach: Barons.

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