Tour of Britain 2022 road show and favorite

In early September, full of appointments, Tour of Britain 2022. The British stage race, Pro.Series will be held from 4 Until September 11 And it will be an important date for those riders who want to complete their preparation in light of World Cup De Wollongong 2022. Moreover, it should not be overlooked that there are many points at stake which could be heavy in saving the race in the 2023 World Tour standings. In chronological order, they are only Julian Alphilippi, Matthew van der Poel e Wout van Aert. In the 2022 edition, a total of 18 teams will compete, 5 of them from the world’s highest level; The Italian professional standard holders also compete Berdani-CSF-Faizanè.

Official hashtag: #BritainJourney

Albo d’Oro’s last tour of Britain

2021 Van Aert Water
2020 is undisputed due to the Covid-19 pandemic
2019 Van der Paul Mathieu
2017 Boom Lars
2016 Cummings Steve
2014 Van Parel Dylan
2013 WIGGINS Bradley
2012 Haas Nathan
2011 Boom Lars

Percorso tour of Britain 2022

Eight stages are planned for this edition of the Tour of Britain. It starts from Scotland, to be exact from Aberdeen, Competition day immediately predicted a daunting end. The opening fraction actually ends at Glenchy Ski Center, at an altitude of 648 meters above sea level (total 181.3 km). Today’s list includes many ups and downs in the first half, with three major mountain races, Benacci Forest (1.2 km at 5.4%), Words Wealth (1 km at 8.2%) and Sue Hill (1,9 km at 8.7%), so not The stretches are particularly long but with negligible slopes. In the end, the road will always tend to rise a little, but regularly, up to the last incline, 8.4 km long at 3.1%.

The track is difficult to read even in the second stage, when the group passes hook a dons (175.2 km). The most succulent part is concentrated in the last 25 km: cracks are expected from the Wanside Ring (2.1 km at 5.7%) and Slaughter Law (1.7 km at 5.9%) before Hardiness Hill (1,9 km at 4.7%), which will end 6 km Only kilometers from the end. From there, diving towards the final and most likely gaps between the guys who will aim for the overall rating. The tour of Britain in the heart of England continues with the stage you will start from important role a Sunderland (164 km): This is another rough section, with three climbs categorized along the way. One arrives after just over 40 kilometers into the race and it is one of the toughest of the entire competition: Chapel Ville is 4.1 km long with 7.8%); Followed by the Billy Lane ascent (1.8 km by 7.1%) and, finally, by Morsley’s ascent (1.2 km by 5.3%). However, the difficulties decrease with the passage of kilometers, which may be beneficial to the hopes of runners.

We continue the plot of the previous days as well, on the occasion of the fourth stage from which it begins red car a Duncombe Park (Helmsley), a total of 149.5 km. There are three GPMs along the way: Robin Hood’s Bay, (1.5 km at 10.2%), Egton Bank (1.8 at 8.2%) and Carlton Bank Wall (approximately 2 km at 10.2%). At the top of this, there is still 26 kilometers to reach the finish, which, however, is an additional rupture, at -9. In short, another treacherous ending that will keep expectations very open. The scheduled fifth stop will open the second half of the lap and bring riders from it West Bridgefield a Mansfield (186.8 km): This time the roughness is lower and less pronounced than in the previous stages (only one Gpm, from just 400 metres, albeit at 8.5%). In the end there are still some tough runs, but the struggle for today’s success seems to be limited to the runners, if their teams can keep the race together. Stage No. 6, from Talkiesbury a Gloucester, on the other hand, would be “turbulent”: two GPMs (Round Hill, 1.8 km at 9.4%, and Withington Hill, 1.5% at 6.9%) immediately in the initial stages, then a long flat stretch. However, the last 25 km will see a Class II rupture, Crowley Hill (1.7 km at 8.1%) and another bluff (2.2 km at 5.7%), whose eyebrow point is at -10 from reach: in short, there are all the ingredients for an uncertain end Extremely.

Fraction number 7 from West Bay a Frienddown (175.9 km), still similar to many of the previous lines: a nervous track, ups and downs and short but challenging tears. However, the bulk of the complex points are placed in the first half of the race (where there are also three laps: Daggers Gate, 1 km at 3.1%; White Wise Hill, 1.5 at 7.1%; Ockford Hill, 1, 7 km at 7.1). From now on, the path will become less difficult and possibly allow runner teams to bridge the gap with the possibility of escape. The last stage of I want to a needlesfor 149 kilometres, sparks, and also, for those who can follow them on TV, a wonderful landscape: three speeds per minute spread on the track (Brading Down, 1.9 km at 5.8%; Cowleaze Hill, 1.7 km at 6.1%; winding road, 1.4 km by 6.3%, and unlike the day before, the last kilometers will also be marked by sudden changes in slopes.Isle of Wight, It can also be blown by a very treacherous wind.

TAP UK Tour 2022

Stage 1 (04/09): Aberdeen – Glenchy Ski Center (181.3 km)
Stage 2 (05/09): Hawick – Duns (175.2 km)
Stage 3 (06/09): Durham – Sunderland (163.6 km)
TAPA 4 (07/09): Redcar – Duncombe Park, Helmsley (149.5 km)
TAPA 5 (08/09): West Bridgeford – Mansfield (186.8 km)
TAPA 6 (09/09): Tewkesbury – Gloucester (170.9 km)
Stage 7 (10/09): West Bay – Ferndown (175.9 km)
TAPA 8 (9/11): Ryde – Needles (148.9 km)

Favorite UK Tour 2022

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The squad to watch is definitely the home team Ineos Grenadiers, who has always wanted us to do well on the British roads and also this year presents a very competitive team. Can be the reference point Tom Bidcock, in his first road race since the Tour de France, which looks particularly well suited to the road and will want to make up for the disappointment of the MTB World Championships closing the podium. The desire for redemption can also motivate the class of 2002 Magnus Sheffieldwho lost the Denmark Tour only in the last 100 metres and can now strive for the ultimate victory on a track that suits his characteristics.

However, Ineos will also be able to rely on more experienced riders like Michel Koyatkokosiwhich in its higher form can also undermine internal hierarchies, e Ritchie’s door, who was in the last race of his career and will surely want to find a way to make his mark. Ineos’ main opponent appears to be Israel-PremierTech, which is arriving in Great Britain with the aim of collecting UCI points which is why it initially presents itself with two pieces of the 90 as the newcomer Dylan Teensalso burned due to not being invited to the World Cup, and Al-Kindi Mike WoodsWho recovered from the concussion that forced him to abandon the Vuelta in the early stages.

Other WorldTour groups also feature at least one man to compete at the overall level Felix Groschartner (Bora Hansgrohe), who appears to be the prime suspect in his ability to enter the conflict between Aeneus and Israel. So, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will leave the task of taking care of the arrangement to the young man Oscar Onlyalso focusing on sprints with Sis Paul. On the other hand, Movistar entrusts his hope of UCI points to the Americans Matthew JorgensenHe is still looking for his first win as a professional despite his good performance this season.

However, even the pro teams seem to have a chance to fight for the total, starting with Bardiani-CSF-Faizané who will focus firmly on the Italian champion. Filippo Zanna, which has already proven particularly competitive several times in short stage races. The short stage races that often this year also saw the Uno-X champion, which presents itself to this race by two points as Anton Charming e Rasmus TellerThe Dane is better suited to the toughest stages of the race, while the Norwegian champion will try to assert his stamina and then take advantage of his quick gesture. Caja-Rural also appears at the start with a double card, which by focusing on a strategy similar to that of the Norwegian team in the beginning Fernando Barcelo so Edward Bradys. This race, then, will also serve the continental teams to showcase themselves and among these teams, the most anticipated rider is surely the Thomas Gallag (Trinity), fresh from his success on stage at the recent Tour de l’Avenir and expected to do well even among the pros.

Britain’s Favorite Tour Bag 2022

***** Tom Bidcock
**** Magnus Sheffield, Dylan Tunes
*** Felix Groschartner, Michal Kwiatkowski, Mike Woods
** Fernando Barcelo, Anton Charmegg, Matthew Jorgensen, Filippo Zana
* Thomas Gallag, Oscar Only, Richie Porte, Edward Prades, Rasmus Teller

Altimetrie e Planimetrie Tour of Britain 2022

Stage 1 (4/9): Aberdeen Glenchye Ski Center (181.3 km)

Stage 2 (5/9): Hawick-Duns (175.2 km)

TAPA 3 (6/9): Durham – Sunderland (163.6 km)

TAPA 4 (7/9): Redcar Duncombe Park, Helmsley (149.5 km)

TAPA 5 (8/9): West Bridgeford Mansfield (186.8 km).

Tapa 6 (9/9): Tewkesbury-Gloucester (170.9 km)

Stage 7 (9/10): West Bay-Ferndown (175.9 km)

TAPA 8 (11/9): Raid Needles (148.9 km)

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