Tour of Spain 2022, Enrique Mas tries to win and throws Evenpoel

The battle from the first to the last meter today at Tour of Spain 2022. To conquer the eighteenth stage is like this Remko Evenpoelwhich responds instantly to all attacks by Enrique Masthen follows him into the decisive action in the last kilometer that allows the two to resume Robert Jesink, the last striker of the day, who closes the podium today directly behind the Spaniard, away from the Belgian in the sprint. Maglia Rossa thus consolidates its leadership in the general classification, now enjoying a 2’07” advantage over the Mas and a 5’14” advantage over John Ayuso (UAE Emirates team), which plays on the podium alone Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana Kazakhstan) after landing Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers) due to a bad fall.

The start, which was delayed for a few moments by a mechanical problem by Ben O’Connor (Ag2r Citroen), immediately saw numerous attempts to attack, but the high pace of the group did not allow anyone to take advantage. To try it out at first it was a group of 20 men including also Jay Hindley (Bora Hensgrohe) H Vincenzo Nibali (Astana, Kazakhstan) But the attempt was soon canceled. While eight other runners attempt to take off, falls occur in the group that includes, among other things Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers), green jersey Mads Pedersen (Trek Segafredo), Quentin Bacher (Groupama-FDJ) and above all a Polka Dot . shirt Jay Fine (Alpecin-Deceuninck), the latter forced into retirement.

However, in the meantime, the eight attackers were absorbed by the platoon, the same fate that befalls another squad of six fugitives made up of Sergio Higuita (Bora Hensgrohe), Chris Harper (Jumbo Visma), Nelson Oliveira (Movistar), Robert Stannard (Albicin deconinc), James Shaw (EF Education-EasyPost) Jasha Suterlin (Muntasir Bahrain). Soon, hmm Azurmandy River (Euskaltel-Euskadi) and Jesus left (Burgos-BH) to try, but even their attempt was short-lived, with the group that, after 30 kilometers of the race, also re-signed Rodriguez back and several other riders who participated in the fall.

And the chase for escape continues, as a team of 23 runners take advantage of the group and others trying to join in the attack attempt. We keep going very fast (first hour average 49.9 km/h) until a large group of attackers forms. While running, Richard Karabaz (IGD), Tao Geojegan Hart (IGD), Thibaut Pinot (GFC), Marc Soler (UAD), Gino Mäder (TBV), Jan Bakelants (IWG), Hugh Carthy (EFE), Sergio Higuita (BOH) ), Edoardo Zampanini (TBV), Sam Oomen (TJV), Nelson Oliveira (MOV), Rudy Molard (GFC), Carlos Verona (MOV), Mark Padun (EFE), Élie Gesbert (ARK), Lawson Craddock (BEX), Xandro Meurisse (ADC), Vincenzo Nibali (AST), Matteo Fabbro (BOH), Robert Gesink (TJV), Omer Goldstein (IPT), Davide Villella (COF), Daniel Navarro (BBH), Raul García (EKP), Fausto Masnada (QST), Nans Peters (ACT), Nicolas Prodhomme (ACT), Merhawi Kudus (EFE), Gotzon Martín (EUS), ukasz Owsian (ARK), Jetse Bol (BBH), Jasha Sütterlin (TBV), Mikel Iturria ( EUS ), Mike Teunissen (TJV), Daniel Mclay (ARK), Dario Cataldo (TFS), Clément Russo (ARK), Danny van Poppel (BOH), and Julius van den Berg (EFE). The Maglia Rossa group, with Quick-Step in the lead, left the target and quickly passed the 2′ advantage. Evo Oliveira (UAD) manages to join the fleeing team later, while the group is not interested in chasing: 7’20” after 70km of the race.

It also reaches 9 minutes but as the climb approaches, the Emirates attempt a mass attack: Pascal Ackermann and Juan Sebastian Molano are pilots to attempt Brandon McNulty and Joao Almeida, who immediately took thirty seconds on the set of Maglia Rossa. In the aftermath of the move, the Runners lose so much within a few kilometres, that at the foot of their first GPM of the day they are 6’10” on the Emirati duo and 6’48” on the set. Almeida continues on his own and puts a minute between himself and the group of best in the general classification, then Oliveira awaits him in sight of GPM, as he crosses the hill with a four minute delay from the head of the race. The two Portuguese managed to keep the group at a distance in the middle stage between the two climbs, while they were behind Astana Qazaqstan e Movestar They started to sacrifice some of the wing men on their side.

At the bottom of the next climb, Almeida’s gap is now three minutes, while chasing the group at 40 seconds. In the foreground instead Hugh Carthy For stretching, it was achieved primarily by Tibo Pinot e Sergio Higuitawhich was also added later Richard KarabazAnd the Elie Gisbert e Robert Jesink, thanks to the pace of the Ecuadorean, who went out later and picked up the two on the road, who were initially with the first two chasers. Thus these six men end up climbing together on the remainder of the pursuers, which were captured at the start of the descent by Almeida, now accompanied by Soler.

In the group comes an extension Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana Kazakhstan), stay with them alone Remko Evenpoel (Fast-Step Alpha Vinyl Team), Enrique Mas (Movistar Team), John Ayuso (UAE Emirates Team), Ben O’Connor (AG2R Citroen Team), Thymen Arensman (DSM Team), Rigoberto Oran (EF Education-Easypost), Jay Hindley (Bora Hansgrohe), Mark Paddon (EF Education-Easypost) E Clement Champusin (Team AG2R Citroën), who overtake the top with a 50-second delay from the Almeida and 3’40” from the tread. Immediately after that, the aching person passes Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers), accompanied by Ben Turner, who manages to get back in with him when the group slows down after GPM.

In the landing, the group captures Nibali, who puts himself in full service for Lopez. Sicilian action allows the group to return only ten seconds from the pursuer group led by Soler and Almeida, but when Messina moves, the speed drops, while Bahrain’s support – Victorious also arrives in front. Thus Almeida returns to win, presenting itself at the foot of the last climb with a one minute delay, while the group arrives after about 40 seconds. Taking advantage of the cross marks, in the lead, Eli Gisbert moves first, managing to gain ten seconds before he is caught and fired by Robert Jesink, while the others seem to be still studying and losing ground. Conversely, shots in the group begin with Nelson Oliveira Which puts Enric Mas (Movistar) on the launch pad. Not long after the runner-up shot, so did the reaction Remko Evenpoel (Fast Step Alpha Phenyl). The two only follow Ben O’Connor (Ag2r Citroën), who re-launches him considering that duelists, once he takes over the predicate, study each other.

After a series of shots that also saw Ayuso and Lopez battling for third place, with the Australian, aided by Peters, only Arinsmann and Hindley remained. Meanwhile, Mas also finds valid help in Verona, allowing himself to remain at the wheel with his partner when Remco Evenepoel sets up a decisive acceleration, which ends up putting everyone, except the always-suffering Rodriguez, in the counter-attackers and all former fugitives except Gesink. Which still leads 30 seconds. In contrast, everyone seems to be trying a little more, with Ayuso and Lopez still studying each other, making flexibility, while Rodriguez struggles with the support of Carapaz. Meanwhile, O’Connor is confirmed as one of the most dynamic characters, as are Arensman and Almeida, but every act ends in a stalemate.

Having tried it several times, Enrique Mas put his last acceleration in the last two kilometres. This time, Evenpoel only succeeded in pursuing him, then the two of them talked and teamed up to go and get Jesink back. The operation succeeded in the last 500 metres, and the contenders were put on the wheel of the Dutchman before the decisive shot for Red Jersey 200 meters from the finish. A killer lead that Mas could do nothing for this time around, awarding the Belgian a stage victory two seconds later and four more seconds of bonus than the six he goes to take as second in the stage.

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