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with the In the 2022-2023 season, the Women’s Rugby Championship will be born: The Top Eight Teams Based on the arrangement of 2021-2022, they will participate in Ultimate National Championshipwhich on the weekend June 3-4 will be awarded the title of Italian champion. Relegation to the Women’s First Division 2023-2024 to the latest ranking.

L ‘The Women’s Excellence Program will start on Sunday, November 20that the end of the world Cupwill be disputed with a One group with home and away matches between eight matches participants. The The semi-final matches will take place on May 21 and 28 with home and away matches between the top four Ranked in the regular season e Scudetto final on neutral stadium.


feminine excellence
Start: 20 November 2022
Deadline: 3-4 June 2023
Relegation to Serie A: one

Formula: Italian round of eight teams, with home and away matches. The last classification was relegated to the Italian Serie A. The top four were seeded into the semi-finals at home and away according to the following scheme:

Issued May 21 – Return May 28
4th place against the top seed
Third Classifier Fifth Classified Second Classified

The winners of the semi-final double qualify for the final for the title on June 3-4.
The winner of the final is the Italian Women’s Excellence Champion 2022-2023.
The eighth-placed team will play at the end of the group stage of the 2023-2024 season, which is included in the Women’s First Division.

Excellence Group
Valsugana Rugby Padova
Very Furnished Villorba Rugby
Benetton rugby
Parabiago rugby
CUS Milan
CUS Torino Rugby
Rugby Colorno
Capitoline rugby union

Italian Women’s Serie A
Start: October 9, 2022
Deadline: 1-2 April 2023
Promotions in the female franchise: one

Formula: three territorial groups, formed on a geographical basis. Group 1 with seven teams, Group 2 with six teams, Group C with six teams.

Italian-style format with home and away matches between participants from each group (Article 30 of the Sports Activity Regulations).

The top seeded team from each of the three groups with the second best seeded (points/races) from the three groups advances to the semi-finals on March 19 and 26 according to the following scheme:
First place Group 1-2-3 vs Best second place Group 1-2-3
(He came home in second place)
1st seeded group 1-2-3 vs 1st seeded group 1-2-3
(The host team has the lowest average score)

The winners of the double-header will get the final in a single match on neutral ground on 1 and 2 April 2023. The winner of the final will win the 2022-2023 Serie A champion title and will be promoted to Serie A. Women’s Excellence Championship in the sports season 2023-2024.

The composition of the women’s first division groups is as follows:

group 1
Rugby Calvisano Ssd Arl
The Centurions Rugby Ssd RL
Amatori & Union Rugby Milan Ssd Arl
Cus Milano Rugby Asd (Cadet)
volvera rugby lion
Lions Tortona Rugby Lion
Assad Al-Ragby St. Mauro

group 2
Rugby Riviera 1975 Asd
Montebelluna Rugby 1977 Asd
Valsugana Rajabi Padova Lion (Kadeta)
July Rugby Forum FC Lion
Romagna RFC Ssd A RL
Puma Bisenzio Rugby Lion

Group 3
Spartan Queens R. Montegranaro Ssd R
Etruscan women
All Reds Rugby Team Roma Lion
Amat.R Torre Del Greco Soc.Coop Arl شركة
Lion Score Rugby
Rugby union Asd Ragusa

Photo: LiveMedia / Alfio Guarise