Towards Juventus – Salernitana, Allegri LIVE Conference

The Juventus coach presents the match against Nicolas’ team: “We have to play a difficult match because we need the three points. Paredes plays, and Locatelli is absent.”

After the draw in Florence and the defeat against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, he became Juventus He wants to regain victory in order to re-release himself and not lose any more ground. Massimiliano Allegri presents the Allianz Stadium match against Salernitana. “We have to play a difficult game because we need the three points – the coach explained – I don’t like it after Paris. We don’t have to be cute and pretty, or else I’ll get angry“. In training: “Locatelli is out, playing Paredes. Chesney’s still out too“.

Alegre Conference
In light of Salernitana’s findings, what pitfalls does it hide?

“The risks of the post-champions game. Among the teams that are fighting against relegation, Salernitana is the one who plays the best. Nicolas has done a great job. We have to play a tough game because we need the three points.”

Does Paredes need a rest?
“The inclusion is good, Paredes plays tomorrow as well because Locatelli is a little tired and will not be there. Di Maria is back on Wednesday, Chiesa has resumed training on the pitch but not with the team. Szczesny is still out too.”

What positive things did the Paris race leave behind?
“On the positive side, after 2-0 we had a good reaction. I don’t like it after Paris we also became cute, we have to become unpleasant because that means you are a winner. We must not be nice and beautiful, otherwise I get angry. We have a very important match to face. with due seriousness.”

Do Danilo and Bremer need to breathe?
“I haven’t decided the line-up yet. The most important match is tomorrow, Wednesday’s match is preparing because of the importance of the match. Tuesday’s match with PSG is easier to play because there are more spaces.”

At what point is Juventus?
“I know there is a great desire to work, to return to winning even if it is not easy. We lack players from the beginning, important players because even in terms of numbers we will be more. At this moment in numerical difficulties we have to arrive in November) In the best possible arrangement condition.”

Elkann said he is convinced that Juventus can win the Scudetto. Do you share this idea?
“I have optimism from the engineer too. If we remove the equivalent of Pogba, Di Maria and Keza from other teams? We should be happy with what we are doing knowing the prospects are rosy. The teeth are not to ruin everything.”

Can Ken start right?
“In Paris they go in well, even if they play a few minutes, in Florence less. It’s normal that they do better on the left.”

Does Vlahovic have few chances? How can this be resolved?
“We are trying to help him, he is getting better. They are also the characteristics of the players, Valhovich likes to attack more. He played a better game technically in Paris.”

His opinion of how Milik and Vlahovic moved as a couple.
“They have shown that they can play together. Tomorrow I don’t know if they will, Milik hasn’t played for a long time and we have many matches. Changes become important because the five who go in are the ones who decide the matches. On the bench they have to feel more of the owners because they They decide the matches.”

Sabatini said they bother her a lot. Does she have the same feeling?
“There is criticism. I’m the coach of Juventus, I know we have to win back and that we are working with passion. We are in the beginning, I would also like to see all the right steps, many opportunities. We are working hard to try to bring Juventus to where they are. They are competing.”

What side are you fighting on to ensure that Juventus returns to the unpleasant state?
“There was no joy when I left Paris on Tuesday. Awareness of doing things, but anger because those matches can fool you.”

Did you feel that you were on the right path?
“We talked about it with the players. The match captain when we took the initiative to stop as if the match was over. We have to understand that the match is long.”

Church recovery times?
“I hope to get it before the World Cup first half ends. Like I said I hope to get it 100% by January.”