Towards the separation agreement, the captain breaks the silence despite the embarrassment

He has chosen to copy in his own way, with daily cross-section images that bring back a stable and solid picture of himself, built in this long farewell on the basis of a single (separate) official press release, some parts of his book. holidays in Tanzania, Dolomites, Fronton mail in Croatia Even the shots are in the wonderful setting ofHotel de Russiaa Rome.

in the capital, Elari Place She returned to prepare this new newspaper that she was waiting for after announcing her separation Francesco Tottiwho was going to make an appointment with Noemi Bocchiwho was recently photographed with him at dinner in Terracina.

Totti: The details that did not escape the heart match

One aspect of their vacation where they separated from each other Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo to which details have been added. On social media, in heart match to any berries Do not want to miss the captain’s hand forever appeared without the wedding ring, as well as the hand Elari During his last summer vacation in Croatia.

Predictable, considering he was in the field, but after what happened his effects: see also Totti without a ring He fires a sign announcing a final choice, net embarrassment to the mics he consulted Simona Ventura The summer just passed.

“I was at my house as usual, in sabadia,” his evasive response, which, however, coincides with the decision to expose himself to breaking the silence desired and protected by the press release entrusted to ANSA, at the beginning of July.

Tutti Place Resort: zoning, home and check to Elari

New elements mark the beginning of the most severe stage which has already brought, to the negotiating table, what will be determined in the chapter on abnormal media coverage (the component that worries Totti above all because of the repercussions that may occur on children. ) But this coincides with a dissolution – as we know – Tutti Place Spaor rather, an economic empire that they both built with the results of their labour, in distant regions but now allowed them to choose.

As it is known and confirmed by the magazine as well chi This week, it was decided to start the confrontation between the two parties with great interest in the privacy and protection of the couple’s three children and sees the inclusion of the captain of the Roma team forever. Anamaria Bernardini Di Pace Who prepares the line in detail with Totti’s historical attorney, Antonio Conteand to its advisors.

On the other side, Alessandro Simeone Taught the main way to follow to satisfy the desires Elari and reach the best possible agreement. Understand that above all berries He would like this to result in an out-of-court settlement, which would avoid going to court.

Source: ANSA

Agreement between the parties to avoid legal battle

According to the latest rumours, chiWe will move towards mediation that allows both of them to remain as references for the boys and this confirms in Villa Turin The main residence of the family, where the former spouses alternate.

“This way Elari gives up on the fact that he was left to someone else,” she wrote for the Weekly, which states that the couple’s goal is to ensure the children are calm: Christian, Chanel E. Isabel.

What is this agreement that the legal representatives of the parties work on? Totti and Elari They agreed to plan to buy a “new home in the name of the children where they would live.” plassiWith a large financial allocation.

Just a hypothesis, this week promises to be intense in terms of potential developments for these chapters, which are so sensitive that a review can be done very easily.

Dinner at Terracina and the role of Noemi Bocchi

as expected was runningAnd the berries He was going to show his representatives how important it is for his children to protect his privacy, especially for the children younger than his three, who in his opinion are suffering from excessive pressure from the media in these weeks of hustle and bustle. That continues to focus attention on ex-husbands.

The same pictures you posted chithat they photograph berries Deceive Noemi Bocchi Near a restaurant in Terracina frequented by the former captain fuels the thesis of the intense presence between the two, which began almost by chance when the crisis between Elari and Francesco It was already a fact.

Source: IPA

The silence of the press on the separation

However, both of us seem to have expressed our being at a central point, considering them to be public figures: Francesco and Ilari They are directed to find reconciliation without legal or media quarrels focused on their children.

In other words, this may have implications for an outcast regarding their final decision or a journalistic blackout regarding the long farewell that would have been consumed within the same walls of that magnificent 25-room villa that would remain the home he gave them their vision for decades together.

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