Trek launches the new Domane SL and Domane SLR

a trip New products launched in the market today Domane SL is Domane SLRmaking the platform for endurance road bikes in a lighter, faster and more high-performance version.

[Comunicato stampa] The fourth generation of the Domane SL and Domane SLR models maintains the driving comfort for which the Domane line is known and introduces a series of new details designed for competition and access to the highest step of the platform.

The new model is the lightest Doman disc ever, and is also available with the RSL racing tire package, which was driven by Trek-Segafredo’s Elisa Longo Borghini at the Paris-Roubaix Femmes 2022.

New design in the name of lightness

The Domane SL and Domane SLR feature the same technology and frame model: simpler shapes, a newly developed IsoSpeed ​​rear separation and more advanced use of the 800 Series OCLV Carbon (SLR version only) help reduce weight by around 300g.

IsoSpeed ​​wallpaper for complete comfort

The newly developed IsoSpeed ​​separation unit is designed for maximum comfort and reduced weight. By absorbing road imperfections, this technology reduces fatigue, allowing you to pedal faster and for longer.

platform speed

Improved Kammtail tube clips and integrated handlebars increase aerodynamics and create the fastest Domane yet.

Unlimited adventures

Wheel lane for tires up to 38° and the stable, comfortable endurance geometry gives riders versatility to tackle any road surface, whether it’s asphalt, light gravel or the cobblestones famous to most of the world’s legendary classics.

Storage compartment and support attachments

Downtube stowage, invisible fender mounts and new saddle bag mounts on the top tube give riders the option to keep the Domane in a clean design or outfit it for longer rides.

Kit Telaio Race Shop Limited (RSL)

The new Domane is also available with a Race Shop Limited (RSL) set of tires. This solution favors speed and performance over comfort and versatility. This tire group offers a more aggressive H1.5 riding position, however, foregoing the glove compartment in the downtube and building a smaller wheel lane (up to 35mm of capacity) to reduce weight even further.

Domane SL, Domane SLR and Domane RSL are available from Trek’s national dealer network.

Frequently asked questions about Domane SL, SLR and RSL bikes MY23

What are the differences between the chassis and previous versions?

  • 800 Series OCLV Carbon on Domane SLR and RSL
  • All-new, lighter, and non-adjustable IsoSpeed ​​wallpaper
  • Front IsoSpeed ​​Weight Loss Removed
  • Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) and an all-new integrated cockpit for improved aerodynamics
  • Tube top bag holder for a cleaner setup on the toughest rides
  • New Domane RSL framework for competition
    • H1.5 engineering competition-oriented
    • There is no storage space in the downtube to save 100g compared to a standard SLR frame
    • Wheel clearance for tires up to 35 mm
    • She won the Paris-Roubaix Femmes 2022 with Elisa Longo Borghini

How lighter are the new bikes?
The full weight of the bike is much lower: up to 700 grams on the SLR models and 300 grams on the SL models.

What is engineering?
The Domane SL and SLR models use endurance engineering. Compared to the H1.5 geometry of the Madone and Émonda models, the endurance geometry features a higher top tube and longer wheelbase for maximum comfort and stability. The Domane RSL model is competition oriented, however, it uses the H1.5 architecture.

What is the maximum tire size?
SLR and SL: 38mm, 35mm with full coverage bumpers
RSL: 35 mm

Is it compatible with mechanical transmission?
Yes, with full sheath. The frame does not include a front stop of the derailleur sheath, which means you can only use models with an integral stop, such as Shimano shift models. For this reason, SRAM mechanical front drives are not compatible.

How are cables and sheaths routed? Where should the Di2 battery be placed?
Refer to the Domane SL/SLR Service Manual for detailed configuration information.

Is there a standard round seat post?
No, there is a KVF D-axis for better aerodynamics. The new seat post is available in two lengths (280 mm and 320 mm) with two length compensations (5 mm and 20 mm).

How do you adjust the height of the seat post?
Remove the cap of the IsoSpeed ​​assembly using a plastic lever that does not damage the paint. Loosen the exposed M6 bolt, set the seat post to desired height, tighten the M6 ​​bolt to 5.2 Nm, and reinstall the IsoSpeed ​​assembly cover.

What is the purpose of the safety bolt under the top tube?
The screw can only be removed when working on an IsoSpeed ​​separator.

What type of brake attack is available and what is the maximum disc size?
Flat mount, up to 160mm in front and rear.

What is the axis spacing?
100x12mm Front, 142x12mm Rear

What type of lower brace is used?

Is the bottom bracket compatible with 30mm axle cranks?
Yes, with a bottom bracket compatible with a 30mm aftermarket T47. Check the crank arm manufacturer’s documentation for compatibility to locate a compatible T47 lower mount.

What is the maximum size of the crown?
SLR e SL: 2x 52/36 (minimum 46/33)1 x 50 T
RSL: 2x 54/40, 1x 54T

Are tubeless wheels compatible? What are the required add-ons?
Yes, all Carbon Domane come with tubeless ready wheels, tires, valves and seals.

Does the frame have an internal storage compartment?
That of a Domane SLR and SL Yes; This RSL model does not provide for a 100g tire weight reduction.

What is expected in terms of bulkhead mounting?
Domane SLR and SL models feature invisible fender mounts for use with SKUs W331954; The RSL model does not include invisible flap mounts.

What do I need to know about the RCS Pro stem?
RCS Pro is an all-new integrated trunk that shares compatibility with various road models. It has cables that are hidden from view and at the same time allow passengers to change the size of the trunk without having to remove the brake fittings or sheaths. RCS Pro is available in -7 and +7 degrees in height.

Is it compatible with the Madone SLR handlebar/stem?

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