UCI MTB World Cup Val di Sole 2022: A Practical Guide

The Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2022 ends in our house, with a highly anticipated stopover in Val di Sole. Trentino’s famous tracks will determine this season’s World Cup winners both in terms of cross-country (XCC – XCO) and in terms of downhill (DH). Prorider will comment live on the weekend’s races on Red Bull TV Marco Aurelio Fontana And the reporter Julia de Mayo.

XC Short Track – Val di Sole

Follow the latest short track for the 2022 season.

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Men’s DH Final – Val de Sol

The world’s best men take part in a challenging downhill course in Val di Sole, Italy.

The origin of Val di Sole, nicknamed the Black Snake, is known worldwide for its brutality. It is undoubtedly the steepest in the UCI circuit, with an average gradient of 22% up to 40% in the most egregious section. Its length is 2.1 km, and it has a negative elevation difference of 540 m. The track is a challenge for the athletes and the risk of mechanical failures or punctures, unfortunately for them, always looms large.

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Val di Sole – DH مسار track preview

Find out all the details about the 8th stop track for the 2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Black Snake starts out with flat, wide curves, but things change dramatically just by taking a look at the tree line. It’s not just a very steep path, but also a carpet of rocks and roots that drivers have to traverse – particularly in the Mercedes-Benz “hell” section – which is notoriously cramped and difficult to navigate. If the path is dry, the gaps between the roots fill with pockets of sand-like dust that can hide rocks and holes. Riders Attention!

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“On the Right Track”: On the Black Serpent of Val de Sol

Video: Check out the track with trail designer Bebo Marani to discover the most hated track at the World Cup


How is the cross-country course?

The cross-country circuit is more forgiving but no less grueling, with roots and boulders lurking for climbs and descents. In the forest there are some sections of the rock garden that present challenging technical challenges and are very beautiful to see. The course also includes a large section of the 4X World Championship track. It is 4.3 km long and has a total altitude of 190 meters per flight.

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Val di Sole – XCO . Course Preview


Where are we exactly?

Val di Sole is located in Trentino Alto Adige. The area is very popular with cyclists, with excellent facilities for on- and off-road biking. The area where the World Cup trails are located is part of the Brenta Dolomites, an ideal place to take your mountain bike if you like challenging climbs and exciting descents. A 35km bike path runs along the Noce River and allows you to visit the Val di Sole to the beat of your pedals.

Great view

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What happened the last time the World Cup stopped here?

The final stage of the World Cup in Val di Sol dates back to 2019, while in 2021 this location hosted the World Championship. In the cup we remember the first successes Laurie Greenland And by Maren Cabero, for both, it’s flowy and bug-free.

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The winning race in the men’s DH race – Val di Sol

Take a look at the winning race from the men’s downhill final in Val di Sole, Italy.

Cross-country races never disappointed in Val di Sole, and it wasn’t even in 2019 when he won Pauline Ferran Prevot In a sprint against Jolanda Nef in the women’s field, while among the men, Mathieu van der Poel managed to make the difference on the last lap.

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Cross Country Highlights – Val di Sole

See the full summary of the riders at the Cross-Country race in Val di Sole, Italy.


Who to watch closely in 2022

Since this is the final stage of the World Cup for XCC, XCO and Downhill, as well as the individual race winners themselves, we will have to keep an eye on the points that will determine the overall rating for each discipline.

It would take something extraordinary to stop Amaury Pierron from winning the men’s general standings. The French are ahead of the Canadian Search for IlesSecond place with a difference of 249 points. Iles, who won at Mont-Sainte-Anne and was unable to play the World Championship due to a concussion that was remedied by falling out in practice, must win the finals in Val di Sole, thus conquering the maximum available 250 points and hoping Pierron is his DNF . Peron, Silver Medal in Les Gets among Nationals Loic Bruni And Loris Vergier, instead would be enough to reach the finish line in the top 60 to win the overall title.

Ailes won the main stage at Mont-Sainte-Anne

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In the women’s field, the fight is more open, but there is a woman in the lead firmly despite being forced to skip the last stage of broken collarbone treatment. The Swiss Camille Balanche leads the General with 119 points, over the Austrian Valentina Howell who will appear for the first time in the world championship shirt after the victory of Les Gets, and 180 points over the Frenchman. Myriam Nicole. If Hall wins the Val di Sole and gets 200 points, Balanche will have to finish on the first 6 of the day to secure the trophy.

Myriam Nicole and Vale Hall hope for some luck in Italy

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Switzerland’s Alessandra Keeler leads the short-track first cup general classification with 1,300 points. Behind him is the Dutch Anne Terpstra with 1184 points and the Australian Rebecca McConnell with 1180 points. The underdogs are for Keller, behind the specialized silver in the world Pauline Ferran Prevot Despite an accident and he’s still on his way to getting the XCO Trophy. In the men’s field, the challenge is between Alan Hatherley and Filippo Colombo, as the South African starts in Val di Sol with 62 points ahead of the Swiss. Between the two expect a duel until the last blow.

The three women fighting for the XCC title are also the primary champions in the XCO overall standings. In this case, Terpstra leads with 1,590 points, but McConnell and Keeler are only 64 and 88 points behind the Dutchman. For Terpstra, it will be enough to get ahead of these two in Sunday’s race to win the overall title.

The challenge for the XCO title is wide open

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Nino Schurter is vying for the men’s overall title and after winning his 10th world title is the man to beat. The Swiss legend leads the table with 1483 points. Spaniard David Valero Serrano, silver in Les Gets, chasing only 125 points. Luca Prideut blue came third with 1,343 points, and Hatherley was fourth with 1,320 points. It promises an exciting end to the last race of the World Cup season, not to be missed live Red Bull TV Accompanied by Marco Aurelio Fontana and Julia Di Maio.