Udinese corners Sassuolo and wins the extra man

Udinese faces Sassuolo at Mapei Stadium in a match valid for the sixth game of the first division right and Sandy Lovrich in the middle of the wing with Arslan on both sides of Wallace. On the offensive, trust Isaac Succes as Deulofeu’s shoulder. 3-5-2 of Friuli was formed by Silvestri between the columns, a defensive line with Perez, Picao and Ibos, in the middle of Wallace with Lovric and Arslan, on the right confirmed Pereira and Odoji on the left, striker Deulofeu and success. Sassuolo responds with a 4-3-3 formation with Tips on the defensive goal line with Tojan, Rouen, Ferrari and Rogerio, in the midfield Frattisi, Lopez and Mateos Henrique, strikers Llorente, Pinamonte and Kyriakopoulos. Udinese in yellow suit, Sassuolo in black and green. Sottil’s team attacks from right to left. The hosts started with a style that actually earned two corners in the first six minutes. At 8′ Udinese creates the first opportunity with Pereira focusing and serving success, but the previous Watford score was skewed by the Lions and Greens’ defense. Two minutes later, Lovrick tried to get out of his right. At 14′ another conclusion for the Bianconeri with Ibos who, when developing a corner kick, sends it to the side. Sutil’s team maintains a good cohesion in the defensive phase. All eleven Bianconeri are behind the ball, waiting for the opponent to resume. At 21′ Udinese earns a free kick from the edge of the area, but Deulofeu does not take advantage of the opportunity. Sassuolo becomes dangerous in the 25th minute with Frattisi who misses the last pass. At 26′ Ebosse was booked and ended up in the referee book after Becao finished at 8′. In the 33rd minute, the hosts find the advantage with Frattisi. Ebosse position error giving the ball to the opponent and it is overcome by one two Lauriente who serves Frattesi well to stun Silvestri in the near corner. Sassuolo – Udinese 1-0.

Udinese try reaction but don’t find their advanced references. In the 38th minute Nirverde is still dangerous with a conclusion from the edge of Llorente engaging Silvestri in a corner swerve. The Bianconeri manage to clear their area but don’t start over. Sassuolo controls the match and the game well by exploiting the free vertical lanes and the openness to the outside. At 42′ there is a turning point in the game. Deulofeu again begins to transmit deeply. Success who is about to enter the opponent’s area but is defeated by Roan. Direct red for neroverde and Sassuolo in ten. Deulofeu again does not use the free kick. Give yourself two minutes of recovery. The referee sends the two teams into the locker room in the second half with Sassuolo well deservedly ahead, but Nirverde will have to face the entire second half with the man down.

The second half begins at Mapei Stadium.

Three news in teams. He has replaced Sassuolo Kyriakopoulos with Ayhan, while Udinese Arslan and Ibos left in the locker room, Samardzic and Samardzic azizibo The Bianconeri start attacking to take advantage of the extra man. At 50′ Udogie goes to the bottom and puts a ball in the area which is deflected towards the opponent’s goal by Pereira with his left, but Tucu finds a rejection from the black and green defender. Sottil’s team is trying to expand their maneuver to expand the defensive networks of opponents who come close. Deulofeu varies throughout the attack to inspire maneuverability, while strangers interfere to get to the bottom. At 60′ Samardzic tries a round finale by not framing the goal. At 63′ another yellow card for the Udinese player. This time until you end up in the referee book is Ehizibue hitting an opponent on the edge of the zone. Llorente does not frame the goal in the free kick. A double change for Udinese in the 68th minute with the entry of Nestorovsky and Beto to Wallace and success. Dionysi responds by sending him on the field Harwa H Thorstvedt instead of Frattesi and Laurienté. Angry siege of Friulians pushing for balance. In the 75th minute comes the goal that balances the score. Deulofeu sends into the opponent’s area Pereyra who goes to the bottom and puts a cross to which Beto heads higher than everyone else, and sets a tie. Sassuolo – Udinese 1-1.

On the wings of enthusiasm, the Bianconeri continue to attack, making Lovrich the shot that sends very high. In the 78th minute, Samardzic binds the boards with a great left. A minute later, Lovrich was served very well in the penalty area but sent incredibly high from a good position. Dionysi changes back in the 80’s by sending Marchesa onto the field in place of Pinamonte. Deulofeu exits Udinese, leaving room for Makengo. At 85 minutes, the same procedure text that led the Bianconeri to equalise. Pereira found Beto, but this time the Portuguese failed to head the ball into the net. At 88′ Udogie puts in the middle but too much on Consigli who comes out with a high grip and makes the ball his own. At 90 ‘+1’ Udinese found the double with Samardzic. The German receives the ball at the edge of the area, tricks the left end, focuses and starts right sliding into the corner. Sassuolo 1-2 Udinese.

At Sassuolo at 90’+2′, Alvarez enters for Henrique. At 90′ + 3′ Beto closes the score by overcoming the boards on the offside edge. Sassuolo 1-3 Udinese.

After five minutes of recovery, the referee whistled the end of the match. Taking full advantage of their numerical superiority in the second half, Udinese cornered Sassuolo, taking another victory. Also this time, Sutil’s substitutions turned out to be correct as Samardzic and Beto, who took charge of the success and Arslan, were able to turn the score around. The Bianconeri immediately hit the accelerator, making all the men in the opposite half of the field, not giving a chance to the hosts who were only able to defend themselves. Beto was once again decisive in upsetting the offensive department and Samardzic showed his efficiency more and more.