UEC. Several championships set, BMX to Italy in 2024

There are many news regarding the future of the European Union to turn Which you will propose in the next few years A richer and more intense calendar than ever before.

In fact, in recent days the UEC Board of Directors has approved the following European Championships:

2023: European Junior/U-23 Championship Anadia (Portugalo). this eventor part of UEC Specific Long Term Project Portuguese Federation Municipality of Anadia 20232030 who provides Organizing a European Championship or European Cup every year. In fact, in Anadia Centro Satellite for Mondia Centerl of cycling represents true excellence at the level structures (with a velodrome, BMX, MTB and related structures), and for this very reason, the European Union de Cyclisme devotes great attention to all the activities that revolve around itI especially support Training moments dedicated to athletes, commissioners and coaches as happened last summer during European Junior Championships and under 23 years old.

2023: European Nations Cup: The proposals for the edition’s calendar were approved UEFA Euro 2023. The event that has grown significantly in recent years in terms of participation And after the media, he will propose 12 tests, between affirmations and newEntrances disputed in six countries. there New for 2023 is the fact that the last two rounds, scheduled to be held in Anadia (Portugal), Double degrees will be awarded For the final classification of the BMX European Cup, which includes a set of prizes RA total of more than 50,000 eurosconfirming the strong interest of the UEC in this discipline.

Rounds 1 and 2: Verona (Italy), 18March 19
Rounds 3 and 4: Attic (Bell), 89April 10

Rounds 5 and 6: Valmira (LAT), 67 Magu

Rounds 7 and 8: Venice nad Jezero (Czech Republic), 2728 Magu

Rounds 9 and 10: Svilland (nor), 17June 18

Final Rounds: Anadia (Bur), 2September 3.

2024: European MTB Championship Romania. Thanks to the interest of the Minister of Sports, Edward Novak (formerly presidencynte of the Romanian Cycling Federation) and Prime Minister Nikolai Ciuc, Romania for the first time Once in history it will host a European Championship thanks to the close cooperation with the Federation Cycling in Romania with its bossIt’s AlexanderNikolai Siyukan. The seat will be assigned to the following seats weeks between some well-equipped options especially suitable for the MTB that were already the subject of First technical examination customs.

2024: European BMX Championship Verona (Italy). The large and modern facility of the Olympic BMX The Arena, built in 2013, is one of the reference points for the movement at European level and beyond And over the years it has hosted the European Championship (2016), UEC BMX Tests The European Cup is over world Cup. The prize for this tournament has received the full support and participation of The city of Verona, in particular the newly elected mayor of the city Damiano Tommasi, who confirms his ownership Sports career, friendlyThe Italian Cycling Federation, which is with its president Cordiano D’Agnoni Particularly close and believes in this specialty who, albeit young in relation to tradition Cycling is already one of the reference points for activityin the Olympic.

2024: European Junior / U-23 Championship Cottbus (Germany). It’s a fun comeback in The 2007 European Elite Championship was held here. An important center for growth and specialize Athletics, tra i quali i plurititolati Lea Sophie Friedrich, Emma Hinze, Maximilian Dörnbach and Nick Schroeder, thanks to the recognized passion and experience of the organizers of RSC Cottbus eV They are organized at Cottbus Racecourse during the seasonMany international competitions. This is one of the most popular events for European activity, an event that will witness The German Cycling Federation has been involved in the front lines ever since, thanks to the insight of Dipresident Rudolf Sharping and Secretary General Martin Wolf were considered strategists in light of the increase Activity and training of young talents.

2025: European MTB Championship Melgaço (Portogallo). Local area in Distrito de ViAnna do Castelo, Al Noor Portugal, on the border with Spain, has a good tradition of off-road activity With a permanent MTB circuit and over the years, it has hosted a race on the UCI 2023 calendar as a class C1. Melgaço is particularly famous for its strong advocacy of multiculturalism Sports, prepare to experience the event with great enthusiasm thanks to the participation and passion From the city administration led by the brigadier generalnte Manuel Batista. Portuguese Cycling Federation, Headed by Delmino Pereira, jointly with Cycling Association of Minho del President Joaquim Jorge Gonçalves Mendes And at Millsport with CEO Jorge Dominguez The columns will represent Championship holders.

2025: European BMX Racing Championship Valmira (Latvia). It is one of the most active centers above all In the youth field that rises in the hometown of double Olympic champion Maris Trumperg. a path It is located within a complex where there are hotels, gymnasium, swimming pools, many infrastructures and in Last year it hosted the European Championship (2019) and some MotoGP European Cup tests. It is located around event confirmsOnce again the great interest of the Latvian Cycling Federation, Always at the forefront of the BMX movement, especially in the field of youth. Thank you appropriate and targeted policy Aim for smaller leadssuccessfully by the president Sandy

2023 news European Road Championships. With a view to development but above all further expansion of equal opportunities, among other initiatives in
The programme, after the success of 2022 in Nadia, the European Championship was approved Mix Relay Team June ClasssAnd the Early in 2023 in Drenthe (Netherlands). It’s another one A step forward that puts the youth activism of the national federations at the heart of the sports policy of the Arab Republic of Egypt UEC.

Europe is a vast continent that still makes great progress Mathematical differences between countries but in one world And with increasing globalization, strengthening differences can become an opportunity. That’s why Agree an important novelty in the perspective of inclusivity and equality, or give pocapacity National Federations included in Groups 3 and 4 of the International Cycling Federation to create diff ‘BloryNational Teams “in the Mix Reale Teamay Junior ed Elite. This is a sign of great sensitivity of cycling like sKeen to promote integration, socialization and mutual respect.