UEFA Europa League: Lazio – Feyenoord 4-2 – Football

Lazio beat Feyenoord 4-2 (3-0) in a match of the first round of Group F of the European League. Played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.


Lazio debuted to the best of their ability in the European League, as Feyernoord, one of the finalists in the last conference, defended and took to the field at the Olympique with the goal of opening the tournament in the best possible way. Instead, the Dutch flooded Lazio which, in one (first) time, closed accounts with opponents. The 4-2 final is an eloquent mirror of an almost one-way match, which saw absolute champion Maurizio Sarri form every area of ​​the field for at least 60 minutes. Only in the second half the Dutch woke up from their initial hibernation, got close to the hosts and touched 4-3 – which would have reopened the match – on several occasions. On the day of his death, Olympique honors Queen Elizabeth II with 1 minute of silence. Only 4 minutes pass and Lazio takes the lead with Luis Alberto, who collects a great header from Uruguayan Vecino, then puts goalkeeper Justin Bigelow ahead. To review the defensive behavior of the Dutch. Feyenoord feels the blow and moves forward, but without creating problems for Lazio. Which, in fact, in a quarter of an hour starts again at high speed: Immobile ends for Felipe Anderson who bypasses the opponent and puts the goalkeeper, making him pass the ball under the body. Biancocelesti fans enjoy the tactile, basic and at times stunning Lazio vibe in the spaces. The reaction of the Rotterdam team is expected, which, on the other hand, seems to have no ideas. The third goal appears to materialize in the 24th minute again with Felipe Anderson, but this time the winger’s shot at the goalkeeper. Lazio plays smoothly and Feyenoord has obvious difficulty. biancocelesti hits the target when they want, and in 28 minutes, with Vecino, they drop the trio at the height of the action that develops on the left axis. The second half begins with the Feyenoord striker: Arne Slot’s team is counting on newcomer Jahanbakhsh and looks more convinced. Lazio allows his opponents to vent and, having touched the poker with Immobile, drops it with Vecino, who shoots the Dutch goalkeeper. The final revolves around the Dutch, who scored from a penalty kick in the 24th minute with Jimenez, then the Mexican himself scored a double. Referee de Burgos, on the threshold of recovery, dismisses Var’s possible 3-4 penalty, which would probably have rewarded Rotterdam’s ‘tulips’ in a big way. (Dealing).

Lazio – Feyenoord 4-2 (3-0)

Lazio (4-3-3): Providel; Hisage, Gela, Romagnoli (28′ Patrick Street), Marosic (31′ Radu Street); Ficino (24′ Milinkovic), Cataldi, Luis Alberto (24′ Street Basic); Felipe Anderson, immobile (25′ Saint Cancellieri), Zakani. (1 Maximiano, 61 Magro, 15 Casale, 29 Lazzari, 6 Marcos Antonio, 50 Bertini, 18 Romero) All: Sarri.

Feyenoord (4-3-3): Bigelow; Pedersen, Trauner; Hankow, Hartmann; Timber (41′ st Paixao), Kökçü, Szymanski (1′ st Jahanbakhsh); Walemark (25′ st Idrissi), Danilo (19′ st Gimenez), Dilrosun (19′ st Wieffer). (21 Marciano, 22 Willenrother, 5 Bjorkan, 6 Rasmussen, 24 Pennetta, 15 Lopez, 25 Taboni). All: Slot Referee: De Burgos (SPA) Goals: On point at 4′ Luis Alberto, at 15′ Felipe Anderson, at 28′ Vecino; Down the street at 18′ Vecino, at 24′ rig. And in 43 Jimenez corner kicks: 7-2 to restore Lazio: 2 and 3 “Notes: Felipe Anderson and Idrissi warned of poor play spectators: about 21 thousand.