UEFA Europa League Midtjylland – Lazio 5-1 – Football

The setback that no one in Lazio had hoped would arrive, resoundingly, on Danish soil: On the second day of the European League, Midtjylland eliminates Biancocelesti with a better performance from all points of view. Too bad the Capitoline, who started on paper and after convincing success with Feyenoord made his debut as a candidate but faced an evening to be forgotten: turning around in defense did not give Maurizio Sarri reason, with Mario Gila (above all) appearing more and over and over again inadequate. But it was the entire team that turned up in serious trouble at the MCH Arena, and the physical fatigue, at this point in the season, certainly can’t be an excuse.

The Eagles struggle to build play in the first 25 minutes, while Midtjylland has succeeded, especially on the left front of the field: first Isaksen seals the crossbar with a powerful right, then full-back Paulinho locks out a lengthy move in the area onto the net. It’s 27 minutes, and just three minutes later Lazio suffer 2-0: the passive protagonist is Gela, who slips into the area and allows Kappa to make the most of a Dreyer pass. The only person trying to shock his teammates from stuns is Pedro, but his southern flag is blocked by Losel. Before going into the locker room, the hosts had two more scoring chances, with Dalsgaard (Provedel reacting at this point) leading and Evander Ferreira’s right-footed shot. A glimmer of the pianoceleste’s reaction could be seen at the start of the second half, as Luis Alberto had no luck hitting the post even from a corner kick.

However, from the same action comes the penalty – awarded by the referee for a foul by Cataldi on Isaacsen and turned by Ferreira – forcing Sarri to shuffle the cards: inside two owners, Milinkovic-Savic and Marusic, as well as Cancellieri to lift. attack. Milinkovic rewards the coach’s choice to bet on him with a shot from the edge, but that’s not enough: Isaacsen, still, is unstoppable and wins the penalty kick 4-1. Evander goes to the penalty spot but is hit by the shot by Providedel, who, however, can do nothing on Isaacsen’s next pass. Five minutes later, a collective slumber of Lazio goalkeeper gives Svyachenko a 5-1 chance.

Protests in the final over an alleged foul on Cancellieri in the area leave time for them to find: At the final whistle, the scoreboard reads 5-1. ds Tare’s prophetic words were not heeded in the match immediately preceding the match (“It would be wrong to underestimate Midtjylland”). Never before today have the Danes defeated an Italian team: another reason for Sarri to prepare his side in light of Sunday’s first leg against Cremonese.

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