VAR also has a (very high) price: Juventus lose two points to the Scudetto

Costs should be cut: some Serie A matches are filmed with 18 cameras, others with 16 cameras, and the least important with 12. Thus, the league saves from 10 to 20 thousand euros per match.

Var also comes at a price. And for our poor football, it is too high to be paid anytime, every week, every game. You need to save, so you have to cut costs: some Premier League matches are filmed with 18 cameras, others with 16 cameras, and the least important with 12. Thus, the league saves from 10 to 20 thousand euros per match. Few for the world of a billionaire like the world of football? incorrect. Multiply those thousands of euros in six, seven, eight matches per match day, then in 38 rounds of the tournament, and you’ll see a good amount come out. Given the objective economic difficulties of our societies, which now have to pay attention to small change, cutting costs becomes invaluable. Also for var.


That Var has a price, and that this could affect the regularity of the tournament, we learned bitterly on Turin’s chaotic night, at the height of a match that Juventus were worth losing but – organization at hand – must win. Now it’s clear: Milik’s goal at Salernitana while recovery was running out was, for all intents and purposes, a regular. It is not a question of interpretation, as it might seem in the heat, when the controversy swirled around Bonucci’s attempt at aerial intervention: does the Juventus player affect the movement or not? For Banti, The Var, that gun movement deserves punishment; Young referee Marcenaro, who initially checked the correctness of the goal, was persuaded by his colleague in an instant and canceled. Doubts will remain. They were removed from a forensic photo, a still photo inserted on anyone’s TVs (and smartphones) a few minutes into the match, and it ended up with a 2-2 score instead of 3-2: Candreva, near the corner flag, held in Bonucci’s match.

Who was wrong?

Find the culprit immediately. Far panty? He didn’t have the killer picture available: it came from a tactical camera, was unused and couldn’t be used for slow motion in the field (if anything, it would have been less hasty to call Marcinaro for a field review). Refree? At least: it was impossible for him to notice Kandreva, hiding there in a corner of the field. linesman? He validated Grid, from his point of view Bonucci was in regular mode; When the network was canceled, he did not even remotely imagine that the cameras did not take into account the Salernitana player. Among the suspects are even some photographers. The reality is different: although Juventus played, and therefore the match was very popular in all respects, it was considered category C, and therefore was taken by the minimum number of cameras: 12. In short, the issue of costs.

Italian problem

It is a very Italian problem, the problem of economic accounts: in the prime minister, for example, they do not even think about saving; They don’t do this for players of questionable value, let alone a var. It’s still inconceivable that what happened on Sunday in Turin could happen in a big league like us. Episode clearly affecting the standings of Juventus and Salernitana. And if the Bianconeri lose the Scudetto or the Champions League by two points, who can be blamed? Attacking the referee’s class after a failure, a failed goal, is a well-known and ancient technique in our football. This time we must change the goals: not the referees and the var, but the non-existent cameras. There was no more than the original culprit. To try to solve the problem definitively, the league will soon introduce semi-automatic offside: Serie A will be the first in the world to use it. A step forward, a way to make certain decisions more and more objectively (but in certain situations the referees’ judgment will still be indispensable). At this point, there should be no danger of Candreva cynically hiding near the corner flag.