Vuelta a España 2022, Primus Roglic vs Fred Wright after the accident: ‘What happened is unacceptable’

Primoz Roglic Hard nose after falling from Tour of Spain 2022. He was forced to abandon his poker ambitions in the Iberian GT after the accident in which he was involved while attacking him at the 16th leg, Jumbo – Visma He indulges in a surprisingly cool mental outburst, backed by his training. ‘It wasn’t supposed to happen – he explains about contacting him Fred Wright Which led to his retirement – people look forward as if nothing had happened, but it’s not like that for me. This is not how I want this sport to continue and I want to say it clearly.”

Immediately appearing at a loss, the Slovenian does not know at the moment if he will be able to continue his season, but for now he remains on what happened that day: “I can walk a little and I can do it at the moment – he adds – after the fall it took Some time to explain what happened. I wondered how it could have happened and my conclusion is that the way it happened is unacceptable. Not everyone has seen exactly what happened. The collision was caused not by a road problem or a lack of safety, but by a runner’s behavior. I don’t have my eyes on My back, or else I would have gone too far. Wright was coming in from behind and practically took the leashes out from under my hand without me noticing.”

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The rider receives the support of his team through the words of his team manager Richard Plug, who is also the president of the AIGCP (International Team Association) and who last week went to the UCI specifically to close more safeguards in the field of safety, an area where we also want to study the behavior of race runners. “A number of racing accidents have been researched – explains Plugge – entered into a database and the causes are categorized. Obstacles, for example. So are ‘cyclist’s fault’ or ‘other cyclists’ fault.’ It is right to talk about unsafe points on the road. , such as the asphalt in Burgos. However, research shows that the cyclist’s behavior is responsible for the decline in about half of all cases. He does not brake, but rather accelerates, for example. This does not surprise me, because every cyclist has the will to win. I would say: Brake and use your brain. It is necessary to change behavior, guided by awareness and consistency of judgment. Shortly after the accident in Poland, he almost ended poorly in Milan-Sanremo for third and fourth. Fortunately, it ended well, but the behavior was not punished We must handle this matter appropriately.”

Plugge also indicates disrespect. Ten years ago, older runners sounded the alarm because younger runners showed less respect, took irresponsible risks and watched their way in every way. The youth of the past are the old of today. But we still hear the same discussion, even though we are the future generation. So the situation must change. I’m glad Primus is talking and looking in the mirror and also mentioning the riders’ behaviour.”

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