Vuelta a España 2022, Route Presentation and Favorites Phase 17: Aracena – Monasterio de Tentodia (162.3 km)

A long, flat stage awaits the final climb to the finish line. This is the list that the file contains Tour of Spain 2022 He will present tomorrow with his seventeenth stage, Aracena – Tentodia Monastery 162.3 km. The final ascent will not be too difficult, but now the chances of attacking Remco Evenepoel Red Jersey are less and less, and therefore the men in the rankings will necessarily have to move. However, the long stretch to approach the recent rally may favor a breakaway formation with the potential to eventually be the first hour strikers to compete for stage success.

time to leave: 13:05
Arrival time (expected): 17:18-17:44
Live TV and Live Broadcasting: 14:30 – 18:00 Eurosport 1/14:30-18:00 Eurosport Player, Discovery+, GCN
Official hashtag: #LaVuelta22

Route 17 – Phase 17 Vuelta a España 2022

The first 20 kilometers of the stage after starting from aracena Almost all of them will tend to go down: here the speed will be very high and no one will be able to get out of the group. The scenario will change decisively in the next ninety kilometers: although there will be no real ascent, the appearance of the stage will not be completely flat, with many ups and downs that will not give riders even a moment of rest. After passing through Valencia del Ventoso, the road will go up almost continuously for about thirty kilometers. In this section there is also the flying finish line for Segura de Leòn, where additional seconds will also be allocated.

After a short incline stretch, the final climb will begin. Officially it is 10 km long with an average gradient of 5%, but it can be considered divided into two parts. After the first kilometer at 4%, there will be two more where the slope is more sensitive, about 7-8%, with a maximum of 10%. In the next three kilometers, the road will become smoother, extending by 5%, but also at some points of slight incline. However, at 4 km from the finish, the road will rise again with the hardest piece at 12% and a gradient that will always be between 7 and 8%. In the last 300 metres, the road will become smoother with a gradient of 5%.

Climb the seventeenth stage Vuelta a España 2022

Noun cat quota GPM beginning height DISL % with
Tentodia Monastery 2 1100 162,3 152 10,3 520 5%

Favorite Stage 17 Vuelta a España 2022

Even if the climb is not as complicated as the rise in the stages last week, the men in the standings will have to try to attack Red Jersey, because Real Madrid is getting closer and closer. It was definitely one of the most active in the last mountain villages Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana Kazakhstan), who tomorrow will also try to find that successful stage that his team still lacks. Together with him he will want to try to attack too Enrique Mas (Movistar), who on Sunday managed to overtake all competitors on the podium.

Remko Evenpoel Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl will instead have to assess his health: The Belgian hasn’t looked very bright for the past few days, but he blamed his poor performance on the pain he felt after falling a few days ago and now. Admittedly, they seem to have disappeared. A pain that, however, we must deal with Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma), assuming he manages to be in the race: After today’s bad accident, it is easy to imagine that the Slovenian is called above all to defend himself on the final climb tomorrow.

On the other hand, those who have nothing to lose are the two Spaniards John Ayuso (UAE Emirates Team) H Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers): They both made no secret of their dream of being crowned, and if they had the right leg tomorrow, they could try to attack. Tomorrow’s climbing slopes can also enhance the characteristics Ben O’Connor (AG2R Citroen) and Joao Almeida (Emirates UAE team), both of which are growing in recent days. On the other hand, other men in the ranking will think above all else by defending themselves and climbing at their own pace.

However, path characteristics can also help in forming an escape. The names to watch in this case will always be more or less the same, starting with the two riders fighting for the Polka Dot Jersey, Richard Karabaz (Ineos Grenadiers) e Jay Fine (Albicin deaconinic). Then pay attention to different Alexey Lutsenko (Astana Qazaqstan), Louis Megans (Intermarchy-Wante Joubert), Mark Soller (UAE Emirates Team), Mark Paddon (EF Education-EasyPost), Jay Hindley e Wilko Kielderman (Bura Hansgrohe).

However, the final ascent can tickle the imagination Alexander Valverde (Movistar) who wants to try to make his mark in the last race of his career. As for Italian colors, pay special attention to them Eduardo Zampanini (Bahrain victorious) H Samuel Batistella (Astana Kazakhstan), by far our best to this point, while the hero would be hard to see in the first person. Vincenzo Nibali (Astana Qazaqstan).

Favorite Bag Stage 17 Vuelta a España 2022

***** Miguel Angel Lopez
**** Enrique Maas, Remko Evenpoel
*** John Ayuso, Richard Karabaz, Jay Fine
** Joao Almeida, Ben O’Connor, Carlos Rodriguez, Primoz Roglic
* Samuel Battistella, Alexei Lutsenko, Luis Mintjes, Wilco Kielderman, Alejandro Valverde

The most famous cyclists in twins Stage 17 Vuelta a España 2022

For some parameters on which to base your choices for fantasy cycling or other games, we suggest a chart with the riders selected by most users subscribed to twins For the 17th stage of the Vuelta a España 2022. Who has the most confidence from the fans? Do you expect an annoying result from some outsider? Among the riders we didn’t credit as favourites, did anyone pique the fans’ interest instead? You can also try to challenge hundreds of participants from all over the world who participate in the popular game.

to share Costa 5,00 EUR Each team will start with a minimum prize pool of 500.00 EUR. The prize will be the winner €9,045.

Predictions Predictions Stage Seventeen Vuelta a España 2022

partly cloudy. 10% chance of precipitation. Humidity 37%. Wind speed up to 16 km/h towards SE. Expected temperature: minimum 19 °C and maximum 26 °C.

The Great Falls Stage 17 Vuelta a España 2022

Tomorrow’s stage will move to the final climb without any particular difficulties and the riders will have to give it all on the last slopes, but be warned: we’re in week three and even the smallest roughness can become an insurmountable hurdle.

Altimetry and crust measurements 17th stage Vuelta a España 2022

Schedule Phase XVII Vuelta a España 2022

Location kilometers timetables
Upon arrival from departure 41 km/h 39 km/h 37 km/h
Aracena 162.3 0 13:05 13:05 13:05
The exit launched by the N-433 direction, Portugal, has passed the 90 KM guiding line 162.3 0 13:21 13:21 13:21
Galaroosa 150.1 12.2 13:38 13:39 13:40
real fig tree 117.8 44.5 14:26 14:29 14:33
Frignal from Sierra 113.3 49 14:32 14:36 14:40
Sherry Knights 91.3 71 15:04 15:10 15:16
Profiles 81.7 80.6 15:18 15:25 15:31
Burguillos hill 72.9 89.4 15:31 15:38 15:45
Bergilos valve 64.5 97.8 15:44 15:51 15:59
Valencia wind 51 111.3 16:03 16:12 16:21
Bodonal de la Sierra 33.5 128.8 16:29 16:39 16:49
Safe from Lyon 29.1 133.2 16:35 16:45 16:57
cow head 17.3 145 16:53 17:04 17:16
BEGIN PORT 10.3 152 17:03 17:14 17:27
TENTUDA . Monastery 0 162.3 17:18 17:30 17:44

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