Vuelta a España 2022, route view and favorites 16th stop: Sanlùcar de Barrameda – Tomares (189.4 km)

The Tour of Spain 2022 It starts again for the third week with a phase for runners. with the Sanlucar de Barrameda – Tomaris The race will indeed see a weak recovery, with GPM not anticipating the 189.4km that the riders will have to face tomorrow in the 16th stage of the Spanish GT. However, pay attention to the final: in the last kilometers the road will tend to go up a little, which makes everything more interesting: with this profile it will be really difficult to escape from the enemy end and Mads Pedersen (Trek-segafredo) will go to the challenge of pure runners To legalize his green jersey.

time to leave: 12:45
Arrival time (expected): 17:18-17:44
Live TV and Live Broadcasting: 14:30 – 18:00 Eurosport 1/14:30-18:00 Eurosport Player, Discovery+, GCN
Official hashtag: #LaVuelta22

Sixteenth Route Phase Six Vuelta a España 2022

The last week of the race will start from Sanlucar de Barrameda, in Andalusia. From the sea the group would immediately head towards the interior of the area, along a road with few curves with very short stretches of ups and downs: in this case for the runners’ teams, it should not be difficult to control a possible small escape that might occur. At the height of Las Cabezas de San Juan, after 43 kilometers, there will be the first real changes in direction, but from the point of view of altitude, the stage will remain unchanged.

Thus, the group will continue to climb inland, passing, among other cities, Alcala de Guadara, Marina del Alcor and Berenice. At Villaverde del Rio, the race will return to the south, heading straight towards Alcalà del Rio where, at kilo 161, the flying finish line will be set which will award points for the Green Jersey classification, but also seconds of bonus for the general. At this point, there will be about thirty kilometers to the end, which also includes a short stretch uphill (but nothing complicated for the set). In the last kilometres, the road always tends to go uphill, with a short rupture, but requires a cut in the last two kilometers and the last one and a half kilometers where the slope will be slight, but delicate to the finish line. Takes At the gates of Seville.

Favorite Stage 16 Vuelta a España 2022

Due to the characteristics of the last kilometer, the first name that comes to mind for the leg of tomorrow is Mads Pedersen (Trek Segafredo). Although the slopes should be less demanding than the slopes in Montella, Maglia Verde has proven itself in top shape at the Vuelta and will want to make its mark again tomorrow. On this lap he will try not to lose the wheels of the Dane Brian Coquard (Cofidis), who this season has shown several times to be comfortable when the road tilts a little higher. However, it will be difficult to see running David Simolay, The other runner on the French team, who is always working with his partner at the moment.

Pure runners should have no problems fighting for victory: be careful, therefore, a Caden Groves (BikeExchange-Jayco) who actually won a stage in that race. On the other hand, there is no longer Sam Bennett, winner of the first two races, but his place in Bora – Hasingore will make the enemy Danny Van Bublewho has already shown that he can easily replace the Irish.

Another name that should be fully taken into account is the name Pascal Ackermann (UAE Team Emirates), which has already achieved some good placements in the Vuelta and is now hoping to hit the big target and will be able to count on a last man of thickness like Juan Sebastian Molano (Which in turn can make a quick sprint in case of difficulty by the German). On the other hand, he never made such a great impression Tim Merler (Alpecin-Deceuninck), who is always on top when it comes to fighting at high speeds and will try to join the fight again tomorrow.

The melee where he will surely throw himself too Fred Wright (Muntasir Bahrain) who increasingly discovers himself as a flying man. During this Vuelta, other riders are also shown in the simpler stages who will try tomorrow for another good result, starting with Daniel McClay (Arkéa-Samsic), Quentin Basher (Groupama-FDJ) and Cedric Paulins (Loto Soudal). We’ll see next if they try to join the battle too Mike Teunissen (Jumbo-Visma), who is not in sprints at the moment, and the expert John Degenkolb (DSM).

Favorite Bag Stage 16 Vuelta a España 2022

***** Mads Pedersen
**** Brian Kokar, Caden Groves
*** Pascal Ackermann, Tim Merler, Danny Van Buble
** Cedric Paulins, John Degenkolb, Daniel McClay, Fred Wright
* David Simolai, Juan Sebastian Molano, Quentin Butcher, Mike Teunsen, and Samuel Battistella

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Weather Forecast Sixteenth Phase Vuelta a España 2022

Sunny. 10% chance of precipitation. Humidity 43%. Winds up to 10 km/h in the direction of E. Expected temperature: 18°C ​​minimum, 32°C maximum.

Main pitfalls 16th stage Vuelta a España 2022

The biggest predicament In a small segment like tomorrow, passengers, more than on the road, can find it on their legs. In fact, we are at the beginning of the third week and everyone is starting to feel tired. With a slightly bullish finish like Tomaris’ touch, riders must be careful to start on time, even with the energy left in the tank.

Altimetry and Planetary Measurement, Sixteenth Stage, Vuelta a España 2022

Schedule 16th stage Vuelta a España 2022

Location kilometers timetables
Upon arrival from departure 44 km/h 42 km/h 40 km/h
Sanlucar de Prameda 189,4 0 12:45 12:45 12:45
Exit launched from A-471 TREBUJENA direction 189.4 0 13:00 13:00 13:00
Tripogina 171.9 17.5 13:23 13:25 13:26
Librega 161.3 28.1 13:38 13:40 13:42
Saint John’s Heads 146.2 43.2 13:58 14:01 14:04
The Palm de Troia 124.7 64.7 14:28 14:32 14:37
Absolute total complete 110.4 79 14:47 14:52 14:58
Alcala de Guadera 85.2 104.2 15:22 15:28 15:36
mirina of korea 76.6 112.8 15:33 15:41 15:49
Prince 48.1 141.3 16:12 16:21 16:31
Villaverde del Rio 42.6 146.8 16:20 16:29 16:40
The Villa 38.1 151.3 16:26 16:36 16:46
Alcala del Rio 28.4 161 16:39 16:50 17:01
the meal 21.4 168 16:49 17:00 17:12
Santipons 15.9 173.5 16:56 17:07 17:20
Valencia from the concept 10.6 178.8 17:03 17:15 17:28
camas 6.4 183 17:09 17:21 17:34
Takes 4.2 185.2 17:12 17:24 17:37
Takes 0 189.4 17:18 17:30 17:44

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