Vuelta a España 2022 Submission Route and Favorites Round Twenty-first: Las Rozas – Madrid (96.7 km)

Everything is ready for the last work of Tour of Spain 2022. The final stage of the 77th edition of the Spanish GT version will return to propose the classic final platform Madrid, which was replaced last year by a time trial in Santiago de Compostela. Competitors will have to cover a distance of 96.7 kilometers Las Rosas To the Spanish capital, for a stage that does not imply certain difficulties in rising, and therefore will give the fast wheels the last opportunity to fight for success. On the other hand, the classification men will only have to safely reach the finish line in the Plaza de Cibeles, where the platform will be created on which the final winner of the race and the holders of the various jerseys will climb.

time to leave: 17:10
Arrival time (expected): 19:51-20:07
Live TV and Live Broadcasting: 17:00-20:30 Eurosport 1/17:00-20:30 Eurosport Player, Discovery+, GCN
Official hashtag: #LaVuelta22

Stage 21 route Vuelta a España 2022

The stage will be practically a photocopy of the final stage of the 2016 Vuelta, which has been running since Las Rosasa town located in the northwest suburbs of Madrid. After setting off, the group will pedal for about forty kilometers on an almost flat road to reach the Spanish capital and the final circuit, 5800 meters long and nine times. The first pass to the finish line from Plaza de Cibeles It will happen when 52.2 kilometers are left at the end, while the only average sprint per day will be placed in the next step. The circle, which is completely flat, will have some difficulties even at the level of surface measurement because it is characterized by long straight lines and few curves, the last of which is just over 1,000 meters from the end.

Favorite Stage Twenty-first Vuelta a España 2022

The final stage in Madrid has always been resolved with a sprint, and this year too should not be an exception. There are many fast wheels that have given up racing during these three weeks, but among those that remain, their name definitely stands out Mads Pedersen (Trek-Segafredo), capable of three wins so far. However, none of his three victories came at the end of a classic team sprint, but while the Madrid sprint should be more suitable for pure runners, the former world champion is in excellent shape and a team that has shown their ability to support. Him all the way, so he’s definitely a first favorite of the day.

Among the main competitors that will try to prevent the 26-year-old from playing Danish poker, we can include contestants such as Pascal Ackermann (UAE Emirates Team) H Caden Groves (BikeExchange-Jayco Team). The German sprinter has been growing during this Vuelta, managing to finish twice on the podium (both times behind Pedersen), and at the finish line in Madrid he has already raised his arms to the skies in 2020. So, it’s definitely a name to bear in mind as the sprinter’s name. The Australian, who’s already hit the big shot in the past three weeks and won the eleventh, who will surely throw himself into the fray in search of an appearance (and valuable UCI points for his team).

Compared to the above runners, they are likely to start a step behind runners like Tim Merler (Albicin-Phoenix), Danny Van Buble (Bora Hensgrohe) H Daniel McClay (Arkia Samsik). The Belgian champion, who is usually among the leading favourites, appeared rather calm during this Vuelta, only managing to finish in third place; This, then, is his last chance to shed his sweat and, all in all, a season that hasn’t been so great thus far. An important opportunity also for the 29-year-old Dutchman, who after being a perfect pilot fish for Sam Bennett, put himself on the line following the Irishman’s retirement. Sure, having two podiums and placing another is a good result, but success would be an icing for his Vuelta’s cake. The British runner’s postures were also different, but he never showed himself really capable of fighting for a stage victory; We’ll see if this is his day.

Among those who managed to find at least one of the top 10 races during these 3 weeks and who can repeat the result there too Juan Sebastian Molano (Emirates UAE team), which will mainly have the task of pulling the fast enemy to Ackerman, Cedric Paulins (Loto Soudal), not a top class runner but so far able to get good placements, Mike Teunissen (Jumbo Visma) and Fred Wright (Bahrain is victorious), which might struggle to appear in a pure race like this. The same can be said about John Degenkolb (Team DSM), who has already won twice in Madrid but no longer has a quick start to the past, and for David Simolay (Cofidis), who after teammate Brian Cockard retires will be able to try to play his cards.

Hence, other riders who could throw themselves into the fray but are unlikely to fight for today’s success Fabian Lenhard (Groupama-FDJ) 5th in Breda Speedway, Jesus left (Burgos-BH), who managed to capture some interesting spots in the past stages, Daryl Embi e Patrick Bevin (Israel-Premier Tech), which, however, has struggled to emerge in recent weeks.

Favorite Bag Stage 21 Vuelta a España 2022

***** Mads Pedersen
****Pascal Ackermann, Caden Groves
*** Tim Merler, Danny Van Poppel, Daniel McClay
** Juan Sebastian Molano, Mike Teunison, Fred Wright, Cedric Paulins
* David Simolai, John Degenkolb, Fabian Lenhard, Jesus Ezeira, Daryl Impey

The most famous cyclists in twins Ventunesima Tappa Tour of Spain 2022

For some parameters on which to base your choices for fantasy cycling or other games, we suggest a chart with the riders selected by most users registered in twins For Stage 21 of the Vuelta a España 2022. Who has the most fans’ confidence? Do you expect an annoying result from some outsider? Among the riders we didn’t credit as favourites, did anyone pique the fans’ interest instead? You can also try to challenge hundreds of participants from all over the world who participate in the popular game.

to share Costa 5,00 EUR Each team will start with a minimum prize pool of 500.00 EUR. The prize will be the winner €9,045.

Weather forecast phase 21 Vuelta a España 2022

Sunny. Chance of precipitation: 0%. Humidity: 29%. Winds up to 16 km/h in a northeast direction. Expected temperature: minimum 32 degrees Celsius, maximum 34 degrees Celsius.

Grand pitfalls stage 21 Vuelta a España 2022

Very few pitfalls on this day, as the classification guys will have to avoid falls or mechanical issues by running the first part of the group up to the last three kilometres. As for the runners, on the other hand, it will be important to face the last corner in front, just over a kilometer from the end, because returning to positions after that can be complicated.

Altimetry and Planetary Measurement 21st Stage Vuelta a España 2022

Schedule Twenty-first stage Vuelta a España 2022

Location kilometers timetables
Upon arrival from departure 40 km/h 38 km/h 36 km/h
Rosas 96.7 0 17:10 17:10 17:10
Exit released from parallel service road to A-6 96.7 0 17:26 17:26 17:26
you kill them 93.5 3.2 17:30 17:31 17:31
Rosas 80.7 16 17:50 17:51 17:52
Majadahonda 78.4 18.3 17:53 17:54 17:56
Madrid 61.5 35.2 18:18 18:21 18:24
Madrid. The first step to the finish line 52.2 44.5 18:32 18:36 18:40
Second pass across the finish line 46.4 50.3 18:41 18:45 18:49
The third step in the finish line 40.6 56.1 18:50 18:54 18:59
The fourth step, the finish line 34.8 61.9 18:58 19:03 19:09
Fifth step of the finish line 29 67.7 19:07 19:12 19:18
Sixth step of the finish line 23.2 73.5 19:16 19:22 19:28
The seventh step of the finish line 17.4 79.3 19:24 19:31 19:38
Eighth step finish line 11.6 85.1 19:33 19:40 19:47
The ninth step of the finish line 5.8 90.9 19:42 19:49 19:57
dead 0 96.7 19:51 19:58 20:07

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