‘We want people to fight’

The reaction hoped by the Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the match did not come fully. Pisa is also with Regina in the house. Although the score sanctioned a standard victory, more disturbing than anything else is the completely absent, almost narcotic attitude of players, who initially melt like snow in the sun, when you must instead bite. • Cannabis and persistent poisoning. To determine the match the goal of Kanuto. At the end of the race, the curve still shows the “We want people to fight” sign. The team goes out between whistles and competition on the field. “We deserve more,” the curve continues at the end of the race. Is Maran also in danger?

Pisa continues to search for the first win of the season. The current challenger is Regina led by Filippo Inzaghi, who leads with 9 points in the standings, while the Nerazzurri are still only one point in the standings. Maran, however, must once again deal with the emergency. Gliozzi was called up for the match, interrupted by a flu attack during the night and not even brought off the bench. Estevez is still not recovering De Vites has been having a muscle problem for the week On the other hand, Cohen is waiting for the green light to be transferred to Maccabi Tel Aviv. Finally, long-term patients Caracciolo and Torregrossa remain abroad. Then the coach leaves Masushi and Sissi on the bench, and plays Sibele as a liar. The formation, in front of Nicolas, sees Calabrese as a right-back, after returning from elimination, and then Peruato on the left, while the central duo Ross and Barba are confirmed. In the midfield, there is Marin, Ioneta and Toure who takes charge of Nagy. On the trocars for the first time since the first minute, Morutan and Tramoni. A very difficult match, but the Nerazzurri will have to win if they do not want to fall into the abyss. Pisa got off to a good start, but as often happened at the start of the season, the main signs of fragility arrive at the first difficulties. After 25 minutes, despite the lack of an attacking lounge, the visitors net arrived for the usual defensive error, as Kanuto Berwato hit the ball and scored 1-0. Here ends the match against Pisa, at least in the first half. In the second half, many changes and even numerous attempts to rebalance the score, but the Nerazzurri were never able to return the score on equal terms. The team doesn’t prove to be lined up in an orderly fashion on the field and is still far from being called up as a group. Now even Maran is in danger, as are the players and coaches themselves, who will once again compete to decide what to do in the next few hours.

Sibilli fight (Photo Pisa SC)

first half – Pisa’s first lunge at 2′ with Morutan on the right, but after a flick and hit the ball is not touched by Tramoni and ends up at the bottom. At six, Majer does as he pleases on the trowels, fits the area and puts Fabian in the middle for the stream, but Nicholas raises the bar. At 11, the Nerazzurri tries to exploit a bug while disengaging Regina, so Sibley tries, but the score is slow and ends on the side. At 15′ Morotan crosses the middle of the trocar, but Ioneta with her head fails to hit the target. The pressure of the Nerazzurri continues forward. At 19′ Sibilli falls to the edge of the area and the referee orders the free kick, which Ross takes care of, and hits the barrier. The usual defensive error at 28 minutes allows Regina to take the lead. Crisetig penetrates the field with a tense shot and Canotto dodges Beruatto’s defences, gets into himself and scores a 1-0 goal. Maran’s team charges the blow and stops, and in the preparation phase, does not know what to do for at least ten minutes. A good start in the first 25 minutes leaves room for confusion, once the goal is scored, which still highlights the team’s psychological fragility. In the 38th minute, after a high-impact counter-attack, I threw Peruato high over the crossbar. At the age of 43, another foray by Rivas panics the rival rearguard, but his right limbs are widely enlarged.

the other half On appeal, Maran inserted Masucci in place of Ross, and actually passed him into a kind of 4-2-3-1 where Calabrese became central and Marin played at right-back. After 30 seconds, Pisa equalized with Masucci, taking advantage of a counter-attack from Tramoni, but the referee canceled a previous foul on Camporesi, but there was also an offside. This way, two good minutes are wasted. In the 57th minute, Nicholas must come out to save the situation with a very difficult intervention, after the ball came out of a thicket of legs after a free kick hit by Di Chiara. At 60′ he lands on the band Beruatto, but the instrumentalist, selfishly, kicks it completely off-size without much pretension. At 65′ an effective counterattack by Maran’s team with Morutan he sends Tramoni, who converges and leaves an oath rejected by a Colombian. Soon, Maran changed again. Inside Jureskin for a boring Beruatto, but Masucci comes out who feels pulled out and replaced with Cissé. Raining in the wet. At 71′ Joriskin finds the tie ball at the limit, but his right, not his foot, ends up high over the bar. Pisa’s fourth change is Mastino who spotted Toure in the 77th minute. Maran’s team tries to balance the score in the last quarter of the hour, but there are no shots on goal. Lisandro Tramoni also in the last few minutes. The last moments, at 95 minutes, is a shot from UNITA, which was taken by a Colombian in a corner kick.

Pisa Regina 0-1 points
Pisa (4-3-2-1): Nicholas. Calabrese, Ross (46° Masochistic, 66° CC), Barba, Peruatto (66° Jurissin); Tori (77° Mastino), Marin, Ionetta; Morutan (88′ L. Tramoni), M. Tramoni; whistles. Available Dekic, Livieri, Canestrelli, Hermannsson, Nagy and Piccinini. everybody. Roland Maran
Regina (4-3-3): the toilet; Pierozzi, Camporesi, Galeolo, Di Chiara (69′ Giraudo); Fabian, Krezeiteg, Mager (75° Lyautey); Rowing boat (83 degrees Ricci), Minis (69 degrees Gore), Rivas (69 degrees Chicherelli). Available Ravaglia, Dotto, Liwacono, Boa, Santander, Hernani, Ricci, Lombardy. The flocks of Filippo Inzaghi.
Referee: Serra from Turin
Nets: 28 boats
Ammonites: Masochist, Mastino, Barba, Colombian, Peruvian
Notes: 7337 spectators attended, of whom 4950 were subscribers. Recovery 1 pt., 6 st.