“We want to bring Italy back to the world tour.”

“We want to bring Italy back to the world tour.” At the dawn of his 80s, celebrated a month earlier, Bruno Riverberry continues to do what he’s done in an entire life of cycling: looking forward. From Cortina’s lofty scenario, Director from Reggio widens his gaze to a project that has all the air of being the savior of this pedal-poor Italy, orphaned by squadrons and above all riders: to re-enter the elite of the bike. He does this by announcing his marriage to Green Project Agencythe Venetian company that operates in the clean energy and energy savings sector and is already the sponsor of Venezia Calcio: the decisive push should be to allow Bardiani Csf Faizanè to bring a team at international level home in short order.

More than a paradigm shift, it is a turning point, not only for a team that has always worked on youth development: in a sport like Italian sport, where the word “project” above all fills the mouth, this has all the air of being really. With the Green Project, already marrying under its name between two concepts that have been successfully developed for over a decade by historic sponsors Bardiani and CSF, there is a five-year agreement, with the initial budget doubling compared to the current budget and the possibility of it increasing if the opportunity arises to invest in talented riders. All existing partners have adapted to the goal of continuity, convinced that long-term business can also pay off in cycling.

“Our project does not change, but is renewed with greater force. Our principles are always the same, to give space and opportunities to grow for young people: we did this with Colbrelli, Ciccone and Zana recently, the goal is to discover others and make them become winning athletes, with the advantage of being able to keep it in membership and build on it a reference team for Italian cycling. Going on a world tour? It’s a goal we share with sponsors, but not at any cost,” says Bruno Riverbery, who shows a preview of the all-green uniform to an audience of about 200 commercial agents of the Green Project, conference guests in the shadow of the Tophane.

“With this new access, we can strengthen our youth project, which already includes the best Italian rookies, and this year has allowed us to also involve them in World Tour races, allowing them to grow by showing their talents, running as leaders and not just cutting, as it happens instead For those who migrate in foreign teams. Being able to make it grow here will be an advantage for our team and also for our cycling,” adds Roberto Riverbery, who looks back with satisfaction at the work done in the past decade with essential support from Bardiani and CSF.

To become the reference team for Italian cycling: this is the first goal of Green Project Bardiani Csf Faizanè, similar to the Alpecin model who grew up around a hero like Van der Poel, but not just him. “Our company invests in energy efficiency, with the aim of saving families by reducing gas and light consumption, improving the energy performance of home systems and exploiting the latest technologies to produce clean energy. Being here after I started six years ago in a basement excites me, I have always loved cycling, and consider it a clean and fresh environment: for a young company like ours it will give more vision than football and help it grow as it will bring. On the roads of all Italy. We want to contribute to the growth of new cycling champions because we believe in young people, we have the best pro skills on two wheels by our side, if I can pick a rider to work as a team, I say Pogacar, I also like a lot like a person,” the message Thomas GiulianoGreen Project Agency, the thirty-year-old CEO of cycling with a vague resemblance to Colbrelli, arrives at the dawn of a journey that could return Italy cycling to its highest level five years later: as it hasn’t happened in many years now.