“What a challenge with Cabral. Milenkovic-Igor has made an advantage. Now I dreamed of my 10th goal in Franchi”

And the Returning to the Europe that dreamed of five years And now, finally, at your fingertips. there Fiorentina He wants to start his Conference League adventure on the right foot, starting with Today’s challenge the day after tomorrow against RFSa Latvian team participating for the first time in an international competition and recently drew 1-1 in the derby against Riga. Emerson DiocletianoThe Brazilian striker was born in 1999 in the team he coaches Morozwants to try to win with a goal not only to score the second in a few days (his equal goal was in the derby on Sunday) but also to reach ten goals this season: “I think we made history by entering the Conference League groups” he started exclusive for microphones Firenzeviola.it Emerson“Now we will only think of Fiorentina, a great club with talented players, it will definitely be a good match.”

What do you know about Fiorentina and its history?
“We are talking about a noble club, with very strong players. Great names have passed from Florence and that is why we know very well that it will be a very difficult opponent. Viola plays in a very prestigious league, where Fiorentina is one of the best teams. That is why it will be a match complex for RFS”.

Is there a player among Viola that you value more than others?
“I will give you a very specific name: Cabral, the footballer I know more than anything because he is Brazilian like me: in my opinion he is an excellent striker, and he has already shown that he can score many goals. I have already followed him in other games and I love him. Plus That said, I have many friends who have spoken to me quite often. He is a player we have to pay close attention to.”

So, are you ready for a long-distance challenge with King Arthur?
“Yes, because we are talking about an excellent striker: he has already joined the national team and that is why I know him. He is a very good player in the area and knows how to score: I know him very well and I can say that he is dangerous.”

Among Viola, the main pair formed by Igor and Milinkovic will not be present: do these absences make you optimistic about the match?
“On the one hand, yes, it could really be an advantage for us, but on the other hand it could also be a somewhat unknown factor because Viola still has great players in all divisions. Whoever plays will be at the same level as the owners, so for us we will not Difficulty level changes.

In the derby with Riga, he scored 9 goals this season. Do you dream of a tenth in Florence?
“If I am going to score my 10th goal in the first game of the conference, it will be very important for me and my career. Especially because I am going to do it against a big club, on a very special night that will forever be etched in my career.”

RFS has already reached 27 league games, Fiorentina only 5: How important is the physical component at this point?
“It could be an important aspect for our team to be so far ahead in the season. Suffice it to say that the championship in Latvia is about to end and the Serie A has just started. It will be necessary to wait until the field is tried again, but I think in the end it will be The physical aspect is very important.”

What do you think of the Italian League? Do you want to play it someday?
“Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world because some of the best players play there. It will definitely be my dream to play in Italy and I will fight for that goal, and I will do my best to achieve that goal.”