World Amateur Cycling Championships, how is city traffic changing

From 15-18 September, Trento will host the World Amateur Cycling Championships which will see the participation of many athletes divided into different categories.

The program includes:

  • Thursday 15 September Single-time experience on a circuit of about 20 km, which starts in the district of Le Albere, passes through Ravenna, Romania, arrives on District Route 21 (Strada della Gottarda) and continues through the suburb of Mattarello to reach again the area of ​​Le Albere where the finish line is being prepared .
  • Friday, September 16 There will be a team time trial run on the city circuit which includes the start and finish in Le Albere.
  • Saturday 17 September A single trial is scheduled, which begins shortly after the town of Sardagna (in km 4 of the 85th district of Bondone) and reaches Vason.
  • Sunday 18 September There will be an online Granfondo and Mediofondo race which, starting in Trento, passes through Aldeno, Cimone and Garniga Terme, continues downhill towards the municipal territory of Madruzzo and Valle Laghi (touching Vezzano, Lon, Ciago and Terlago) and then back to the municipal area that passes Through the outskirts of Cadín, Supramonte, Candriai and Sardania and then you reach the arrival area, always in the Alber district. Participants have arrived at Granfondo near the town of Candriai and will ascend to Vason, on the Charly Gaul climb, to repeat the descent to Val dei Laghi, then return the same route to Candriai and descend towards the finish line in the capital.

As for the time required to perform the various tests, the event is expected Traffic and parking bans All the way all the way.

The closing times of the respective roads vary with respect to the conduct of the different races and can be summarized as follows:

  • Thursday 15 September 8.45 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. and 1.45 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.: Ban on transit and parking on Corso del Laforo y della Senza, Via Sanseverino, Via Giden, Across the Sahara, Via del Ponte, Via Stella, Route Provincial 90, Route Provincial 21 Via della Gottarda, Via Nazionale, Via San Vincenzo, Via Madonna Bianca , Via Degasperi, Via Jedin, Via Sanseverino, Via Monte Baldo, corso del Lavoro and della Scienza, Via Olivetti.

▪ CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: Road closures mean that traffic is blocked in the cities of Ravenna, Romaniano, Matarello and the southern part of the city (via Degaspre) at the times indicated. School transport is guaranteed and public transport routes in urban areas are modified. Outside of the time periods, traffic is not subject to restrictions either in terms of commuting or public transportation.

The ring road will always be passable but entrances and exits No. 1 (Matarello), 3 (Ponte di Ravenna through the desert) and 4 (San Severino-Geden) cannot be used.

▪ During times of closure there will be inconveniences to the inaccessible and productive and artisanal activities of Ravenna, Matarello and via Degaspre.

▪ Also from 8.45 am to 11.45 am and from 1.45 pm to 4.45 pm, urban public transport will be suspended in Ravenna, Romaniano, Matarello and the part of the city affected by the road (via Degaspre).

▪ The Crm of Mattarello is closed on Thursday 15th September.

  • Friday, September 16, from 18.30 to 20.30: There is no transit and parking via Sanseverino, via Monte Baldo, corso Lavoro e della Scienza until the arrival area on Via Olivetti. The team time trial route includes closing in the late afternoon (18-20) for the entire Alber County area, through Sanseverino and through Monte Baldo.

Forests are minimal and do not affect public transportation.

  • Saturday 17 September from 17.30 to 20.30: The time trial route means the closing of District 85 (Strada del Bondone) in the late afternoon (18-20) from the inhabited area of ​​Sardagna to Vason.

Forests are minimal and do not affect public transportation.

  • Sunday 18 September Granfondo and Mediofondo.

Departure of the different classes from Via Sanseverino from 10 to 10.45.

Route towards Sanseverino, via Jedin, District 90, Ravina, Romagnano, Aldeno, Cimone, Garniga Terme, Viote, then exit from the municipal district towards Madruzzo (Lasino and Calavino), Vallelaghi (Vezzano, Terlago) Return to Cadine, climb to Sopramonte to Candriai, where the race doubles.

Those who have chosen Mediofondo (the short route) descend from Sardagna, via Brescia, Piedicastello, Ponte San Lorenzo, Sanseverino and back to the Albere region.

Once at the crossroads of Candriai, those registered at Granfondo (long route) continue climbing to Fasun, then descend Viete back to Madruzzo (Lacino and Callavino), Vallaghi (Vizzano, Terlago), back to Caden, and ascending again towards Sopramonte up to Candriai Then go down to Sardagna and go to the arrival area via Brescia, Piedicastello, the bridge of San Lorenzo and Sanseverino until the Albere area.

Critical issues: In the first part of the race, circulation to Aldeno is cut off for 60/90 minutes with exits 3-4 of the ring road closed (which, however, can always be crossed). In the second part of the race, Hamm was closed from 11.30 to about 17 which belong to the cities of Cadine, Sopramonte, Sardagna and the Via Brescia-Piedicastello region.

▪ For those coming from Riva del Garda, transit in the state 45bis will be subject to a slowdown in the Vezzano region. The ramp at the Caden Tunnel entrance and exit will not be permitted to reach Caden City or to enter the Supramonti-Caden Roundabout from 11 AM to 5 PM.

▪ For traffic from Trento to Riva del Garda near the end of the bridge, a slowdown is expected; It will not be possible to use the ramp, at the exit of the fort tunnel, to enter the Supramonti-Kaden roundabout from 11 am to 5 pm.

▪ Public transport suspended in urban areas from early afternoon until about 5 pm to Sopramonte, Cadine, Vigolo Baselga and Baselga del Bondone (the cable cars can always be used in Sardagna).

The car parks on Via Sanseverino and the car park of Via Bartale It will be closed to the public and available to the organizing committee of the event, the first only on Sunday 18 September, and the second from 15-18 September.

Parking is still available for Ex Italcementi (accessed from Lung’Adige San Nicolò near Motorization using side lane 5 from Tangenziale), Canestrini, Monte Baldo and former Zuffo (accessed through Doss Trento or from the roundabout in Via Berlino).

Similar measures will be adopted in the areas affected by the installations and especially in the approval area for the start and end of races.

Public transport. During the championship days, measures will also be taken to change or suspend public transport races in urban and non-urban areas, according to the Trentino Trasporti schedule. All approved measures can be consulted on the Trentino Trasporti website and on the dedicated applications.

Roads reserved for emergencies. With regard to the different routes to the races, the local police, during times of road closures, ensures through the presence of their personnel and their compliance with event-related, transit and detour needs to reach the main places of public interest (hospitals, clinics, elderly residences, public offices, etc.). Dedicated routes and stations have been provided to ensure any emergency interventions.

To ensure safety, local police personnel will be employed along the entire race course and in coordination operations centres. On Thursday and Sunday there will also be help from volunteers from the National Alpine Society.

Local police officers will be present on each day of the competition. In particular, 60 Agents, 7 Commissioners and 2 Officers will be appointed on Thursday 15th. On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th there will be 6 Agents, 1 Commissioner and 1 Officer. On Sunday the 18th there will be 64 customers, 4 commissioners and 2 administrators.

The city’s traffic adjustment measures have been the subject of information and discussions with trade unions and with district chiefs. The local police, in accordance with what will be determined and scheduled by the municipal administration, are available for meetings in the territory to inform in more detail, if necessary, the measures and methods of implementing the initiative.

To ensure an additional communication and information tool for citizens, from September 12 from 7.15 to 18.45, it will be active in the local police operations center. Dedicated phone number 0461 889400which will work alongside the Public Relations Office (0461 884453 884005 – toll-free 800 017615) to answer questions from citizens and businesses.

additional information: