Daolasa di Commezzadura (Tennessee) – After the women’s short track test at Val di Sol, it was the men’s turn to test the fastest men on the planet. Challenges of the final point of the World Cup final classification, wild search for records e Goodbye like the one who just arrived by Gerhard Kirschbaumer.

Today, cross-country short-track tests were conducted on a track designed at the bottom of the cross-country track that touches the fourth cross-country track. A 950-meter track with a difference of 30 meters in height for each turn, all in front of the main Bickland steps.

Short-track world champion Sam Gees was not present, as he had an accident last Sunday during the World Cross Country Championships which knocked him out of the game. The challenge was very open-ended with all the faster cross-counts including the current leader of the Special Class designated short-track, Alan Hatherley.

The short path leader doesn’t think twice about it

In the first stage of the race, a buzz arose from the Daolasa terrain created by the very high speeds of Alan Hatherly and his pursuers. The group held together only and exclusively for the first two rounds because Alan Hathry and Tetouan Karod took off but carved a chasm between them and their pursuer.

Wheel wagon with introductory bike

Perhaps there hasn’t been a development since the start of the season like that seen in the men’s short track race at Val di Sol, with the pair of Alan Hatherley and Tetouan Carrod taking off in the early part of the race and after 6 both have a 17 inch advantage over those chasing them: Filippo Colombo , Nino Schurter, Luca Pridedot and 4 other trackers, none of them seem to have the ability to re-enter and stay with Hatherley, the only one being Carrod who stayed the full suspension saddle of his BMC model, glued to the rear wheel of the short-track rating leader.

Three from the end, Pridot tests

On lap eight out of ten Luca Praidot is set to take the lead and try to nibble seconds off. Always close in the early part of the race, along with “The Goat” Nino Schurter, he tried to fix. The Italian and Swiss pair of 12″ goes two laps from the finish, but they don’t even drop a half-pedal in front. A tandem pair mark the race lead but behind the cylinders they can’t get back.

Final stage

Tetouan Karoud He waited for the last climb and like a lurking predator attacks Chief Hatherly, a razor blade South Africa can do nothing against. Carod took about 20 minutes to get off the wheel on the last climb and burn Hatherly.

Luca Braidot after arriving seems disappointed, but his destructive power also rocked the wheel of Nino Schurter who tried to stay attached to Braidot’s Santa Cruz Bloor.

Although the Friulian didn’t seem too happy because he’s in good shape, for him on Sunday the start, after today’s third place, would be a row one. with second place from Alan HatherlySouth Africa became the first overall winner of the Short Track World Cup.


Luca Pridot Confirmed with this test again at his best this season, he was unable to enter the leading pair but as a chaser he was always the only one to come close and above all to separate Schurter from the ascent.

Twin Daniel, the Italian discipline champ, closed just behind the leader, in twelfth place. Behind the other Italians were Gerhard Kirschbaumer He finished the race in 25th place. It was followed by the last short track of his career Zanotti 30 degrees e Lost 33 degrees.

access command

1. Karoud Tetouan (BMC MTB RACING) 22:28

2. Hathherly Alan (CANNONDALE RACING) +4

3. Pridot Luca (SANTA CRUZ FSA MTB PRO Team) +9

4. Nino Scherter (Scott Racing Team – SRAM MTB) +12

5. Jordan Cypress (specialized factory races) +15

6. Dascalo Vlad (TREK FACTORY RACING XC) +17

7. Letcher Thomas (Cross Orlin Cycling Team) +22



10. DUBAU Joshua (Rockrider Racing Team) +28


25. KERSCHBAUMER Gerhard (Special Factory Racing) +46


33. Koldani Nader (MMR Factory Racing Team) +1: 16

the program

Friday 2 September
– 17.30: Women’s Short Track – Live TV
– 18.15: Men’s Short Track – Live TV
– 20.45: 4X Pro Tour

Saturday 3 September
– 09.45: Junior Men’s Downhill
10.30: Downhill without Jr
– 12.30: Elite Women on the Cliffs – Live TV
– 1.30pm: Elite Men’s Descent – Live TV
– 17.15: Giant Mini World Cup
– 20.45: 4X Pro Tour

Sunday 4 September
– 08.30: Cross Country Donne U23
– 10.15: Cross Country Men U23
– 12.20: Cross Country Elite Women – Live TV
– 14.50: Cross Country Elite Men – Live TV

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