“You disrespected me, worse than a punch in the face at the Olympics” – OA Sport

outlet. It’s not an easy time for Italian cycling in general considering what’s going on in terms of managing Federciclismo From Cordiano d’Anione. There was a sensation and in these hours of great tension it is right to report a long and reasonable study David Cassanithe former artistic mentor of the Italian movement.

Concepts expressed by Cassani in a long post on Your Facebook page They express feelings of bitterness and disappointment in their relationship with the No. 1 in the union. An attack dictated by the way their interaction was handled especially in correspondence with an important date such as Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Question from Pierre Augusto Stagi to President Cordiano d’Agnoni: What is your state of mind at this moment? You see I get goosebumps, because I assure you that I put my heart and my passion into it. In recent weeks I have received messages of solidarity from everyone, especially from the technicians. Everyone is close to me and the results prove it and I swear to you this thing really hurts (and as he says, the sound is exploding with emotion, Ed). I put a passion and a commitment, all I have collected in my career and do not find it right to judge it for things that do not exist, only because there is a determination behind it that wants to discredit our work: this thing hurts me very much”, Cassani’s bitter words.

Cycling, Daniel Benati: “Petitol is one of the front lights in the world championships, managers Ulysse and Trentin. We will not be the favourite”

“Today, after reading your interview with Pier Augusto Stagi, I am back to 12 months ago. It was a flash, a succession of images, memories, feelings and emotions that, even today, reject me in infinite sorrow. You, chief, say: “Now I dedicate My whole life for this task” and then again: “I put my heart and my passion into it”
I spent 8 years in the union, I did my best trying to do something useful. I never, ever thought of my work as a source of income, but as I said, Cordiano, for a mission. This is not the time to detail what I did for a bit of good for the union without talking about 4 Europeans and the two world time trials I won,” Underline the former coach of the national team on his work.

“I was butchered for the fact that I appeared on TV with Enervit and Suzuki. But they were national team sponsors and why would I say no to ordering two of our sponsors? Was I doing something wrong? I have been expelled from you. I am not referring to the lack of renewal, but to the way it happened. It took from me the greatest joy a coach could have: to share the victory of their children. You knew very well that the Marco Villa quartet would fight for gold and that’s why you called me from Roberto Amadeo two days before I left for Tokyo. Even today those words echo in my head: “David, you can’t stay in Tokyo for track races because there’s no lane for you.” On that day, if you had punched me in the face, you would have hurt me a lot less. But perhaps now you can understand what I felt in those days. You say you put your heart and your passion into it and you get goosebumps just thinking about it. Try to think about how you felt in those days in August last year. Like you, I put my heart and my passion but that wasn’t enough. Since the outbreak of this case I have not opened my mouth and refused interviews but I could not resist reading your words, ” Cassani verses.

“I think you are an honest person, and I think it has nothing to do with you with 106,000 euros, but, perhaps because of others, you are now in the center of the storm. That is why I am sure that only now you can understand my state of mind for the past year. And again, I was not offended that I replaced (Your holy right) But in the way you did it. When a person puts his heart, his passion and his sincerity into the work he does, it is his right always to be respected. And you, respecting me, did not have that”, Conclusion.

David Cassani’s Facebook post

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