Youth League, Psg-Juventus 5-3: Under 19s’ nightmare debut

After the semi-finals of last season, an attempt to forget it against the French: we were two goals behind after seven minutes, and at one point there were even four goals.

There is a sacred rule in football: the past is important to the coat of arms, but it is not a guarantee of results. In fact, he often enforces it by keeping expectations high, but only the field brings back the truth of things. Juve’s debut season in the youth league is a nightmare, for the situation, not the result (5-3). In order to forget the alarming approach and inferiority shown against Paris Saint-Germain, which also did not have to exaggerate the dismantling of the Bianconeri. And it doesn’t matter if some of those last year made it to Nyon, where they came out with their heads held high in the semi-final against the Benfica champions: every match and every season is a story in itself.

wrong start

Monteiro, on his first appearance in the competition, suggests Yeldze beside Turku and keep Mancini on the bench. Mullatze and Mbangula have the task of attacking the lanes to enhance the offensive phase, but the problems come from behind. So much so that the Parisians immediately pass with Hosni, who only has to deposit on the net to give credit for the great work done by the Western and Montu for sending the entire Juventus goalkeeper into disarray. The confrontation becomes less fun when Zaire Emery escapes from his compatriot Nzuango and effortlessly enters the goal: after 7 minutes of play, Juventus fell with two goals, and Paris Saint-Germain mastered against a team in a puppet.

buck and answer

Singles flash would be required, but Yildiz seemed unconvinced when Mulatze fired him. Mbangula then thinks of shortening the punishment developments and trying to archive the first quarter of Terror Hour. The Bianconeri slowly raises the center of gravity, increasing the regional advantage, but, nevertheless, inactive balls become more dangerous: the clearest opportunity comes with a header from Huijsen (also a direct shot on goal, not much earlier, by Doriatotto). For PSG, it always becomes very easy to present themselves alongside Scalia, so Hosni raised the scoring to three, once again penalizing the defensive line.

JUVE’s reaction

There are four goals imposed by the host team on the Bianconeri at the end of the first half, after Al Gharbi and Lamina scored at the end. That’s why Montero is trying to change the cards on the table with the inclusion of Strigdunk and Al-Ahsa already at the start of the second half. New mental forces are needed, because the first engages the opposing goalkeeper for the first time and shortens the second at a valuable free kick from the edge. Scalia, who performs a miracle on the western, closes the shutter to the end. While Turco gets a penalty and Huijsen gives the ball 5-3. Dratiuto leaves the team in ten minutes in the last minutes (double yellow), the match ends with two goals and a great lesson for the future.

Montero speaks

“In this competition you meet teams with speed and quality like Paris Saint-Germain, which is what he deserves,” Juventus coach Paulo Monteiro commented. “We need to grow in our position, realizing that we are strong, but with a desire to prove it across the board. This breakdown should make us understand that we have to play every game with the same head, because it is an essential step for young people’s future career. There is quality, but no There is still room for improvement; we are here to help and will continue to do so, and I’m really happy to work with them and how committed they are. Loss can happen, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.”