YOUTH LEAGUE – Rangers Glasgow – Napoli 3-2 (10′ Strachan, 37′ Lindsey, 58′ Giannini, 70′ Ur, 85′ Rossi): Match over, second European defeat for Azurini

90′ + 7′ – Match endsThe latter effect is not enough: Glasgow Rangers beat Napoli 3-2 in this second match of the Youth League. Azurini still has 0 points in the group.

90′ + 4 – Amonetto Young From the Rangers, the hosts are trying to cut the match and thus pass the precious minutes.

90′ + 3 – Beware Bazikas In Glasgow Rangers.

90′ – 6 minutes of recovery granted.

89′ – Try the conclusion Maranzino, the ball saved by the Scottish goalkeeper.

85 – Gooool del Napoli! Russian! Cross from the left, very light touch from Leonardo Rossi but that’s enough to put her inside! Azorini still has life: 3-2!

82′ – A change also for Rangers: Lindsey goes out, Rice goes in.

79′ – Double change in Naples: Iaccarino and Rosso exit, in Rosso and Maranzino.

76 ′ – Leonardo Rossi warned To commit a foul against an opponent.

72′ – Rangers double change: outside Nicio and Lovelace, inside Allen and Stevens.

70′ – Jules Dell Rangers! yuri! The hosts returned to the lead with two goals again: 3-1.

69′ – Another change in Naples: Spavone exits and enters Letter.

58′ – A change for Napoli: Di ​​Pasquale exit and Leonardo Rossi’s entry. Napoli is on the field with strikers too now.

58′ – Sea of ​​Naples! Giannini! Insertion from the left of the blue back and a shot slip into the corner! The game is reopened 2-1!

Enrico Giannini Youth League Goal Napoli Primavera

50′ – Try to fish too, but the Napoli striker’s shot ends on the side.

49 ′ – Davino warned Napoli for a foul against Ncio.

46′ – The second half has begun.

The teams return to the field.

45′ – The first half ends.

40′ – Rangers very close to 3-0 with URBut first he saved Buffelli and then saved the Pole Napoli!

37 ′ – Jules Dell Rangers! Lindday! Cross from the right, Lindsay coordinates and swerves towards the net! 2-0.

Jules Lindsey Rangers Glasgow

29′ – Napoli shows a chance for Spafon from the edge of the area but the shot ends high.

25 ′ – McCusland has been warned To make a mistake on D’Avino.

20′ – Urey header, ball high over the bar.

13′ – Shot on goal by Alan, relaxes and Bovelli ascends.

10′ – Jules Dell Rangers! Strachan! Header shot by the Napoli defender, the ball goes out of the penalty area and caught by Strachan: his corner kick is unstoppable for Boveli. 1-0.

Rangers U19 Jules Strachan

8′ – Rangers corner kick, beat Lindsey and header from McKinnon: high ball.

1′ – The match has begun.

Rangers Glasgow U19 – Nablus U19 squad, official squad

Notice(4-3-3): Bazikas; Harkness, Fraser; Allan, McKinnon; Strachan, Lovelace, Lindsay; Urey, Ncio, McCusland.
AvailableKane, Allen, Ewen, Rice, Stevens, Graham, Young. Coach: Written by David McCallum.

Naples(3-4-2-1): Boveli; Barba, Giannini, Acampa; Pontelau, Davino, Spafon, Jewels; Fish, Yakrin. De Pasquale.
AvailableToure, Hisage, Daniels, Litra, Rosso, Maranzino, Rossi. Coach: Frustawolves.

Youth for Go Rangers Glasgow U19 – Napoli U19

Good evening, dear readers Space Napolis And welcome to the live text Glasgow Rangers U19 – Napoli U19The match scheduled for the second day of the group stage UEFA Youth League. After the defeat came First match against Liverpool (1-2, editor) In the Challenge Piccolo Arena in Cercola, azzurrini seeks redemption in Scotland.

Youth League, Players List

The rules of competition are expected The use of 20 players, 14 of whom have at least two years of fighting in the club. The same goes for Exceed Class of 2003: to be called They must have at least two years of fighting in the team. the reason Obaritain and Sahli cannot be used in the Youth League.

new purchase leonardo russianarrived from Milan in the last hours of market transferhe is They have been summoned And available to Mr. Frostalupi for the match.

From our correspondent: Antonio Manzo.