“Zuzek desperately wanted Barry, Zaza rejected B. Setter, extraordinary qualities. Responsibility? It’s my job”

During the press conference at the end of the market held this morning, Cerro Bolito Talk about some goals (from Moncini a to the abaya) Deal but shaded the most beautiful: “They are the only attackers I have ever dealt with. I spent three hours at lunch with Moncini. For him I was a little bad. He told me I didn’t want to make a mistake, I didn’t really understand what I meant because I told him I really wanted him. Maybe it depends on the box, I didn’t He didn’t want a lot of pressure. He preferred to go from Venturato to Spal like this. Mantia, a very strong striker for me, didn’t come because he was in Lecce. I also looked for Colombo. If he hadn’t gone to Serie A, he would have come from us. Then Lychee took it.”

Then Bolito explained the rumors regarding zaza e Bavolity: “About Simon, when I spoke to Sky, the truth was pure. I also did it out of respect for the fans, and there was no thought at that moment. Torino told me about it. At that moment I tried. At first it gave I opened a little, then humbly told me no Not for the class, not for Barry. I tried it again on the last day, but he said it didn’t go to B. And it didn’t. Pavoletti played with me. I heard it about ten days ago, but Cagliari didn’t open for me“.

November And extras: “I’ve already spent a lot of negative words on Maras. I don’t understand him. He publicly refused Ascoli, who bought the ticket from us and offered him a good contract. I found a place to stay for everyone, but if no one ‘I don’t want to go there, I can’t’ help him. We must interfere with the rules. I’ve split from morning to night for them, and I don’t even appreciate. I give my life to the players, I don’t like it when I’m betrayed. Thank you instead Perrotta, he agreed to go to Vercelli and made a very important gesture. I was thrilled, thank him. You see it here when you feel like playing football“.

the shot by yourself: “He wanted Barry. I’ve been working on it for a month, he’s a little different from the others. I like him for his technical qualities and off the field, he’s been the captain there. They are players who need time. There are also differences between the players. He trained there and in Slovenia. He told me. He was torn. Now he arrived in perfect condition.”

Focus on some singles, from by the way e Capriel: “Ceter is a bet. He has extraordinary physique, but he has some muscular issues. He is an extraordinary player, I’ve played against him a few times and we’ve never faced him. Caprile is growing exponentially. He’s working. Thinking with a thirty-year-old head in his twenties From here you can see the great players. Bota? In the first matches he was the backbone, now the coach probably saw him swing. Stravido for him, he would be part of this Bari team. But here there is no prima dunas. Everyone can play the bench. Derico, on For example, he is the best who trained last month. In fact, Minani played him.”

Bellomo e Malamo: “I’ve never seen a love as deep as Bellomo’s. He told me to sign an open commission to come here. He lives for these colours. It might be hard to be a prophet at home, but I assure you he’s a real man, man. Malamo I honestly wanted her.” , but at zero euros (laughs, editor). We got that they didn’t want to lose it anymore, because it was from their nursery. I could only borrow it.”

I left back: “I carry old waste with me. I am not 100% satisfied, but with a very high percentage, yes. We have players out of the roster, with a team saturated with sums. For me, it makes no sense to take . to achieve more. When I cannot find a replacement, I will keep it with me. If there is a need in a role, we will step on free agents.”

Concluding Remarks on the responsibility: “I have no qualms. We know we’re in a tough league, and the pitfalls are behind each other. Every Sunday is a battle. We live by team goals. Sometimes you reach them, sometimes you don’t. I am completely satisfied, obviously always wanting to improve.” I am doing a business that thrives on responsibility. I accept the applause.”